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  1. This table is SO Friggin' good! I'm not even big into Cheech & Chong (don't hate them or anything, just never cared that much), but this has fast become a go-to table! Kudos for the intricate work, every time I load up I discover something new! FANTASTIC!
    IF you give this anything less than a 5 star rating...SHAME on you! KILLER work guys! Thank you for all of the time you spent coding, testing, painstakingly reviewing and recreating details, fine tuning, tweaking, all the various other "ing" things you did...we probably don't deserve this, but I'm extremely grateful for every damn one of you!
  2. HUGE Thanks to everyone involved in the creation of this! You are true BADASSES!
  3. One of the greatest pup-packs PERIOD! Terry is a LEGEND for a reason! Thank you for everything you do Terry!
  4. See how easy it is to get on somebody's good side? All you have to do is ASK. Huge kudos to Andrew and crew for converting this PROPERLY! Thanks guys!
  5. Before anyone hates on John for this pup-pack...it was my idea and I pretty much made him do it. I've been joking around with him for a LONG time about a Grease pup-pack...pretty much ever since the table came out. It was always an inside joke between us, he'd say he's working on a new pup-pack, and I'd say "Is it Grease?" By about the 50th time April was rolling around, and I told him we should troll the community by doing a faux Grease pup-pack, similar to the GoT "table" release back in the day. Everything about the prank was set to be hilarious. Neither one of us thought the events of 4/1 would go down the way they did, and our silly little prank got overshadowed by the unfortunate event of the day when one of our beloved VP websites VPinball died. We decided after the fact to go ahead and release it late in the day (almost 4/2) to try and lighten up the mood of the day. If you downloaded this pack and were disappointed, I'm sorry. It was supposed to be funny. Go ahead an create your own Grease pup-pack...nobody will be offended if you do. Hate on me though, not John.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    A bunch of Tarcisio style wheels I created back in the day because when the table was first released, no wheel existed at the time. Most of these are available on the Official Popper media repository. A few are for tables that are WIP status/not released yet, or limited release. Don't ask about those, as table requests go straight to the abyss of blocked messages.
    My boy slayin' it like usual! Excellent work Playa!
    Everything Pinballfan2018 does is TOP NOTCH! He spends months fine tuning every tiny detail of his work...refining it to perfection before release. This PupDMD presentation is evidence of his passion! The sleek, professional presentation of his Led Zeppelin pack rivals that of many modern, real pinball machines. Toss this in your VP collection, and you have one of the most stellar, interactive tributes to one of the Greatest rock bands of ALL TIME! Make sure you check out his other passion projects as well, and don't forget to send the man a beer!
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