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  1. That amp for the apron is BRILLIANT! Looks great!
  2. Looks cool, but link isn't working. Might contact Dazz to see what that's about. If it gets fixed somebody can feel free to remove this. Cheers!
  3. Killer table, awesome work guys! (The one's who actually DID work on THIS version of the table).
  4. I love the table to begin with, but The new update is AMAZING! KILLER job! So much more added to this beast of a table! If you didn't update yet, do yourself a favor!
    Such a STELLAR tribute! The attention to detail here is ASTOUNDING, and if you played the game regularly back in the day...you'll feel like you're there fragging your friends again. From the ball streaks (runners with the flag) to the spinning bumpers, the THUMP of the cannon firing to release the ball. It's just a VERY well done tribute! HUGE props to Tartzani!
    There's like 10million triggers in this pup-pack, it's is a TRUE TEST of a human to create such an in-depth endeavor of a pup-pack...and you are a true gentleman for giving us such finery Sir Frank! This pup-pack is LEGENDARY! Thank you!
  5. One of the greatest packs from one of the greatest authors!
    What a cool table! I'm not usually a fan of mid-80's pins (late 80's and mid 90's were my pinball days) but this thing is a GEM! The single ball per play default is BRUTAL but so much fun, and the bumper on the bottom left (similar to R&M) instead of a slingshot is so much fun (and SUPER frustrating!). Well done Goldchicco! What a cool table!
  6. This table is SO Friggin' good! I'm not even big into Cheech & Chong (don't hate them or anything, just never cared that much), but this has fast become a go-to table! Kudos for the intricate work, every time I load up I discover something new! FANTASTIC!
    IF you give this anything less than a 5 star rating...SHAME on you! KILLER work guys! Thank you for all of the time you spent coding, testing, painstakingly reviewing and recreating details, fine tuning, tweaking, all the various other "ing" things you did...we probably don't deserve this, but I'm extremely grateful for every damn one of you!
  7. HUGE Thanks to everyone involved in the creation of this! You are true BADASSES!
  8. One of the greatest pup-packs PERIOD! Terry is a LEGEND for a reason! Thank you for everything you do Terry!
  9. See how easy it is to get on somebody's good side? All you have to do is ASK. Huge kudos to Andrew and crew for converting this PROPERLY! Thanks guys!
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