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    this looks awesome. i was just thinking that the original backglass could have been so much better... then this appears. i will be using this for sure. thanks!!!
    Looks amazing. Great work. Thanks for all the time you put into theses badboys, it really shows.
    Thanks for this. The one I was using was 8 years old. Wow!
    Thanks my dude. So good.
    Thanks again. You are the B2s King...Now bow to your lord peasants.. JK.. looks great.
    A premium table with this would be crispy. Thanks!
    If you build it.. the table will come. Thanks wildman.
    Thanks for this. I saw iron maiden for the first time in 2019. I can't believe I waited that long. Great backglass for a great band.
    Favorite Stern backglass. Thanks for this. Looks so good.
    thanks wildman!
    thanks so much. great job!!!
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