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  1. Okay... so the way that this gets fixed for me 100% of the time. 1) I unplug the USB cable from the teensy. (PC makes USB disconnect sound) 2) I disconnect the 5V from the Octo2811 board... 3) I plug in the USB cable back into the teensy. (PC makes USB reconnect sound) 4) I reapply the 5v lead to the Octo2811 board. Everything works at this point. Do I even need the 5V line connected to the WS2811 board? Maybe I need to tie the grounds together from the 5V power supply to the PC power supply? I bought a replacement Teensy to try that, but I'm really thinking it has something to do with either separate power supplies, or the teensy getting power before it has USB connection. Anyone else have any ideas?
  2. I've got a teensy for addressable LED's and on occasion I'll boot up the virtual pinball machine to find that the addressable LED's are not working. I can usually get it working with some combination of: 1) pressing the reset button the teensy 2) Unplugging the RJ45 cables from the OctoWS2811 3) unplugging and plugging the USB cable from the teensy 4) powering down the PC 5) unplugging the PC and waiting for 10 or 20 seconds for my power supplies to discharge Those 5 steps are involved in getting it working, but I don't which one or the magic that's making it work. I don't think any one step by itself was helping. I do always get it to come back up and work but I'm at a loss as to why it would do this. What trouble shooting steps should I take next time this happens?
  3. It seems like this could be a feature request at some point. As cheap and as easy to come by the Addressable LED's are, I'm imaging a table where all LED's are controlled by a teensy and daisychained LED's
  4. So I have boatloads of Addressable RGB leds, and the wiring in my opinion is easier than having a bunch of home runs to my PACLED64... So solving two problems I'd like to run the addressable LED's that I have already. The question I have is: Can I single out just one or two LED's in a "strip" to have them act as a non RGB led? Example: Start Button, Launch Button, Fire Button, Coin LED's etc... I've tried setting them up as a 1Wx1H LED strip, but it occurred to me there would be no where to set the color... I guess I was hoping to find a spot to set the color of a single addressable RGB led to emulate a single color LED. The way I'd picture it looking is something like the attached image, then in the Cabinet.xml file there would be a way to assign a color to the 1x1 toy. I couldn't find anything while searching so forgive me if this has been asked and answered.
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