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  1. Hello - somehow I have acoustic problems at tables from "VPin Workshop". In many places, the associated sound effects are somehow played several times - at least that's my perception e.g. with the currently graphically pretty Lethal Weapon 3 can be clearly heard in the attached graphic when the ball turns the lap shown in green. At an older table with poor graphics, I hear a single ball rolling at the table of "VPin Workshop" it sounds as if several balls roll through that hit the walls in many places .... I can't describe it better https://ibb.co/mcZ0zPM
  2. as always a fantastic job - thank you very much! I hope you guys improve the Indiana Jones tables someday :)
  3. I'm also waiting for the colored DMD version of Cirqus Voltaire. Would be nice if you could see something new again regards
  4. Is there a colored DMD for the "Cirqus Voltaire" table? Unfortunately I do not know how to color DMDs. Perhaps that would be a suggestion for future DMD coloring. This great table deserves a colored display
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