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  1. I love your animated wheels ! I have a strange issue with this one : it appears to be cutted on the right, the left, and the bottom... ? An I have the same kind of issue with your Tales from the crypt wheel, which is cutted on the top... No problem with all your other wheels, so I don't understand why these 2 don't work... I'm using the last PinballX 5.19 Any idea why I have problems with only these 2 wheels ?
  2. Thank you very much for the hard work ! Great job, as with your previous DMD colorizations ! Thanks again.
  3. Hello @Blacksad First of all, thank you for this nice backglass and all the hard work. I have an issue using this with PinballX as a frontend : the backglass doesn't launch at all... It works most of the time when I launch the G5K table via VPX, even if the db2s appears about 5s after the table, which is not the case with all my other 560 tables. Any idea on how to solve that problem ? I run the last VPX 10.6 (updated) on a recent i5/16Go RAM/GTX1070 8Go Thank you. Salut @Blacksad Tout d'abord, merci pour ce super backglass et tout le boulot fourni. J'ai malgré tout un souci avec ce BG, qui fonctionne bien la plupart du temps quand je lance la table de G5K via VPX en direct, mais qui ne se lance pas du tout quand j'utilise PinballX en frontend. C'est la seule table (parmi 560) avec laquelle j'ai ce problème. Je précise que : - quand je lance la table sous VPX, le BG se lance, mais au moins 5s après la table, ce qui ne se produit jamais avec mes autres tables - quand je lance la table sous PinballX, le BG ne se lance pas du tout. Si je fais ALT/TAB pour voir les fenêtres, celle du BG n'apparaît pas du tout. Je suis sous VPX 10.6 à jour sur un core i5 récent / 16 Go RAM / GTX 1070 8Go. Une idée d'où peut venir le problème, et de comment le résoudre ? D'avance merci.
  4. Hello, I'd like to play this table with PuPPack on a 2-screen system. My problem is the following: everything is launched correctly (UltraDMD, PUP on BG, and I can play the table), but as soon as the 1st video is played, the UltraDMD disappears... If I ALT-TAB during play, I can select it and it comes back, but it disappears again when an other video is played... Any idea on how to solve that ? If not possible, I've noticed that if the UltraDMD is on the playfield (I changed his default position), I can always see it even when videos of the PuPPack are played, but then, my problem is to know how I could rotate the UltraDMD of 90° to have it in the right orientation... Any suggestion of what to add in script to do that ? PS: thanks to all the authors of the table and the maker of this nice puppack ! Great job ! :good:
  5. @CarnyPriest: I'm a total newbie in virtual pinball, and all my tables were running fine before I update to rev4802. Nothing else changed on my cabinet, that's why I thought the source of this problem with Ultra DMD tables was this update. Sorry if it's a mistake from me. If you say there's no link between the update and the fact that a lot of Ultra DMD tables no longer works, OK, you're the pro ! ?
  6. @Oldschool4 : I tried to reinstall Ultra DMD, and the situation is a little bit better than before. But I'm far of the perfect running of all tables before the update... I tried all my Ultra DMD tables (launching them directly with VPX ), and here's the result: WORKING tables : America's Most Haunted / Diablo (I suppose because of the script's changes)/ Kiss (idem) / Legend of Zelda / Masters of the Universe / Mortal Kombat 2 / Sons of Anarchy (and that's strange because it's a mod of Metal Slug) / Wizard of Oz NOT WORKING : Goldorak / Metal Slug / Minions / Need for Speed / Stranger Things / Streets of rage / The web Perhaps you can complete this list with other tables you have, in order to help the developers to find where's the problem ?
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