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    Great table i had never played before. Well done on the room Rajo, thanks!
  1. Another great update. The backglass lighting looks great. Great implementation of the backbox lighting reflections.
  2. Nice. I just realized you added the coin door to this one now. Awesome table and room!
    Very cool table. I couldn't put it down. 38.500 was my top score. Awesome job on the conversion and backglass. Everything looks and works great. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the update. Great table and room... love it.
  4. Very well done, thank you. It's really nice to no longer need B2S on all of your tables, and I like having the choice of the 3 rooms. Awesome stuff.
  5. I'm glad you like it Caf. I may do Zeke's Peke and the Root Beer addition someday.
  6. Awesome man. Thanks very much for the update which removes the need for B2S. I love these old EM's in VR!
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