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Community Answers

  1. You can try this.. Line 195... if b2son then: for each xx in backdropstuff: xx.visible = 0: next Try removing that line That may or may not work for you, but you can give it a shot.
  2. Thanks. To be honest I am not totally sure. I have added scalable options like screen resolution and anti-aliasing.. If you turn everything right down, it may run fine on a lesser system. Please post back results if you find any.
  3. Possibly. Dont forget to check out 'Fantasy mode'. It can be switched in the options or on the fly (not during game) with '2'. Have fun!
    Great job on this Sir. Thank you for bringing us some of these older machines.
  4. Awesome update! Nice work on the backglass, very nice to no longer need B2S. Thanks!
    Awesome job on this table Scampa123. The lighting and physics and sounds are superb. I really enjoyed working on the VR backglass, and often got caught up playing it for way too long. lol. It is really a unique EM, in that you can collect your bonus mid-ball. I'm liking the 3-ball game now that I discovered you get 2X bonus on ball 2 and 3x Bonus on ball 3. What a fun game. I love the backglass on this thing, and I would buy one of these machines if it ever came up.
    Awesome job on this Paul. Thanks a lot for bringing this table into VR. The table plays great and the working backglass looks excellent. I've never seen a machine with 'enter initials' buttons in the plunger area. Interesting.
    Wow, this is a really fun table that I would like to own. Very nice job on the table swap, that's a pretty awesome feature. Nice job on the backglass as well. Thank you Sir!
    Great table i had never played before. Well done on the room Rajo, thanks!
  5. Another great update. The backglass lighting looks great. Great implementation of the backbox lighting reflections.
  6. Nice. I just realized you added the coin door to this one now. Awesome table and room!
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