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  1. This rocks, thank you again! One problem, moved all DMD to backglass but magnasave into. Can’t find the setting for this in pup pack editor…
  2. Hey all, this is driving me nuts. I slowed the speed down thinking that it would help with the jumping of tables, but alas no luck. Any advice how to make the menu more smooth and not jump tables? thanks in advance
  3. Thank you sooo much for all the hard work! Quick question, getting the vids on my topper, but this overlay is obstructing it. Any advice? Thank you!
  4. This is sooooooo awesome. Thank you so much for the hard work!!
  5. Newbie question. Getting ready to update to latest beta build. How do I find my current default settings so I can make sure I input them correctly after the update? Thanks
  6. hi all. when trying to load some FP tables, it gets to initalizing newton on load screen, then boots me off. Any help? Thank you!
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