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  1. Does not work for me either.
  2. I'm having some issues running the PROC version of Cactus Canyon Continued. The table will load but most of the time I can't start the game. The ball doesn't release into the trough. Sometimes I can start a game but when the ball drains or goes into the mine lock it never comes back into play. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It's an awesome table
  3. Yes. A couple of times. Strange thing is occasionally it will play. maybe 1 out of 10 attempts. When the first ball drains it never comes back..
  4. I'm running the proc version of ccc. It was working perfectly. Now I can't the game to start play. The table loads and looks fine I just can't get a ball to launch. This is not the focus issue. Any suggestions. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled several times.
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