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  1. Thanks for the comments all, the whole process of colour files is completely new to me and I haven't realised there was so much if a difference between real and vin pin machines 😔 is there something I should do differently with the keyframes for a vpin?? I thought it was just on how you exported the files😣
  2. Cool, were there specific things that didn't work? Or just generally stuff didn't work? But thats for that as it has just reminded me I have a L5 rom chip hidden away that I will try to test and get dumps from this weekend
  3. its been a while but i have been working away on this! started the Supergame bits Just submitted the Vpin files to the download area for people to have a go with https://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/6305-judge-dredd-jd/. If you try it out please let me know any suggestions/issues etc. Its not 100% complete but thought it would be good to get it out there for people to try 😁 One of the main issues i am trying to work out is the car chase scene and how to colour when the car gets shot and you miss or exploed the car, i think i might have to use colour mask layed mode but dont understand it yet so any advice or help would be much apreciate! Cheers Loz
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hi All, So this is my first project and first release of my colour file for JD. I have been working away on this and thought it would be good to release V1.0 so that people could give it a try and feadback any missing bit etc. It is not 100% complete but i think it will be good enough to improve visuals. I have spent more time on the regulaion game and have just started the supergame the issue i know of are Only tested on real pin with locking ring ROM L1AT version so unsure how this might perform on other ROMs. Only tested in English too. Warning/jail scenes transitions not great Car chase scene- not sure how to do this one properly missing bits from supergame There are other little keyframe issues i think too, so any sugestion, comments or if you are willing to help with missing dumps or help out with keyframes please let me know as it will be much apreciated 😁 It has taken me a good many hours so donations/beer money welcome at http://paypal.me/lozpeters85 Please contact me if you want the files for a real pin thanks for the help so far!
  5. Yeah that would be great give me a bit longer to sort some more keyframes out. Ideally I can get the bulk of the main stuff working then will share it with you basically I am in the keyframe process of finding out what works, then splitting scenes to indivually triggering them! The transition scenes makes it a bit of a pain but i am slowly making progress! The more I test and play the more little bits I find i have missed in the dump
  6. No idea what i was doing wrong before ?
  7. another little update, still working on colouring scenes which i think i have mastered now and starting to get to grips with keyframing. the process is staring to make more sense now had a few issues with repeating frames in scenes which caused the whole animation to restart from the begining so had to split them up into multiple scenes! loads of bit working on real pins but lots still not triggering but i think i know what i need to try. Each time i try it out i see more animations i have missed so need to make a new dump. progress is slow this week as i am doing house diy and planning decking project so the machine is covered up and used as a table currently ? but will get back on it asap. https://s4.gifyu.com/images/Safecracker-1.gif Seem to have troubble adding GIF in the new site so not sure if the above works!
  8. Thanks for the comments so far. The @NetzZwerg video is like my bible for this project, sooo useffull to undersand the process. Ahh amazing, tried this last night works a charm, just give it time to work and not panic that it has crashed Thanks so much this will save me some time Another question for the experts, What is the best way to name scenes to the appear in the scene tree correctly/chronologically? (i.e my next step to try and fix my issues was to split a animation scene into individual single frames so i can trigger each one individually to see if this helps. So the animation i broke down had like 30 frames whiuch then get named xxxxx_1, xxxxx_2, xxxx_3 etc but then when you sort the scene box scenes 11 to 19 appear before scene 2) is there a way to make the editor understand number signicicance during sorting? not a major issue it is just my ocd way of trying to plan and align
  9. Hi all, So this is my first attempt to colourise a file, i previously built a PIN2DMD for a flintstones but had to sell it before i could start the project. Now a few years later i have a real JD pinball machine. I thought i would post here first as althoug i am working on a real machine there seems to be the best knowledge here and most active projects So i have been learning the program and the process after reading and watching videos but still get stuck so hopefully someone can help? I have been working away for a couple of weeks i undersatand cutting scenes and colouring them but keyframes are still a bit hit and miss and i could do with some assistance. Currently using 64 colour editor and have 4.07 on my pin2dmd & running the L1-AT deadworld locking ring ROM in my machine I have got the attract sequencce working well using a mix of CM, replace and palette switching. This is what i worked on first to learn the process. It is not the best as the shifting background on the high scores makes the colour mask on the dynamic scenes harder to accomadate names/scores, but its a start! this works well in the machine and displays properly. Now i have started on the regular game (still supergame to dump too!) and made good process with the colouring of scenes, i havent cut all of them yet and during testing have found ones i have missed so need to record them too. So this is where i am finding isues with getting keyframes to work relaiably, lots of them work well like the ball lock and the "judge" drop target scenes. Currently my biggest issue is with the Drive-by at the end, in CM mode it seems to overlay the previous mask on the next scene so leaving a ghosting effect, when split up into replace (as in the gif above) the colours work well but the timimg is out then the CM match score has the same lingering old mask issue. I have tried the CM sequence & the Replace sequence set hash thingy but it then just gets stuck on the first frame and never moves on Looking to see if someone more knowlegable in the process can look at the project or help me understand what is going wrong?? I dont think i fully understand they keyframe process with diffrent hash layers and the triggering process (when should i set the hash? on the 1st frame that has any of the detail/scene that i want to colour?) Does the Colour mask secquence & replace sequence mode work properly? or am i messing up the selection of which hash to use? If you change the mode is there a way to update the keyframe or do you have to delete the old one and create an new one? To me there seems to be a lot of complicated scenes in JD that may cause me issue like the "warning for smoking/jail scenes" as they fade in and out a lot so would love to understand the process now before continuing so i cut the scenes correctly My plan would be to release this wheen i get a bit more done so other people can use it but it might be a bit slow as i have to work around job, family life and house renovation any advice welcome! Cheers Loz P.S sorry about thee long post
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