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  1. Thanks for the comments all, the whole process of colour files is completely new to me and I haven't realised there was so much if a difference between real and vin pin machines 😔 is there something I should do differently with the keyframes for a vpin?? I thought it was just on how you exported the files😣
  2. Cool, were there specific things that didn't work? Or just generally stuff didn't work? But thats for that as it has just reminded me I have a L5 rom chip hidden away that I will try to test and get dumps from this weekend
  3. its been a while but i have been working away on this! started the Supergame bits Just submitted the Vpin files to the download area for people to have a go with https://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/6305-judge-dredd-jd/. If you try it out please let me know any suggestions/issues etc. Its not 100% complete but thought it would be good to get it out there for people to try 😁 One of the main issues i am trying to work out is the car chase scene and how to colour when the car gets shot and you miss or exploed the car, i think i might have t
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hi All, So this is my first project and first release of my colour file for JD. I have been working away on this and thought it would be good to release V1.0 so that people could give it a try and feadback any missing bit etc. It is not 100% complete but i think it will be good enough to improve visuals. I have spent more time on the regulaion game and have just started the supergame the issue i know of are Only tested on real pin with locking ring ROM L1AT version so unsure how this might perform on other ROMs. Only tested in English too. Warning/jail
  5. Yeah that would be great give me a bit longer to sort some more keyframes out. Ideally I can get the bulk of the main stuff working then will share it with you basically I am in the keyframe process of finding out what works, then splitting scenes to indivually triggering them! The transition scenes makes it a bit of a pain but i am slowly making progress! The more I test and play the more little bits I find i have missed in the dump
  6. No idea what i was doing wrong before ?
  7. another little update, still working on colouring scenes which i think i have mastered now and starting to get to grips with keyframing. the process is staring to make more sense now had a few issues with repeating frames in scenes which caused the whole animation to restart from the begining so had to split them up into multiple scenes! loads of bit working on real pins but lots still not triggering but i think i know what i need to try. Each time i try it out i see more animations i have missed so need to make a new dump. progress is slow this week as i am doing house diy and planning deckin
  8. Thanks for the comments so far. The @NetzZwerg video is like my bible for this project, sooo useffull to undersand the process. Ahh amazing, tried this last night works a charm, just give it time to work and not panic that it has crashed Thanks so much this will save me some time Another question for the experts, What is the best way to name scenes to the appear in the scene tree correctly/chronologically? (i.e my next step to try and fix my issues was to split a animation scene into individual single frames so i can trigger each one individually to see if this help
  9. Hi all, So this is my first attempt to colourise a file, i previously built a PIN2DMD for a flintstones but had to sell it before i could start the project. Now a few years later i have a real JD pinball machine. I thought i would post here first as althoug i am working on a real machine there seems to be the best knowledge here and most active projects So i have been learning the program and the process after reading and watching videos but still get stuck so hopefully someone can help? I have been working away for a couple of weeks i undersatand cutting scenes and colouring them b
  10. Hey guys Just got my pin2dmd working now so starting looking at creating a colour file for it Just checking if anyone has a dump of the DMD? Or work in progress file? If not I will do it on my machine but wanted to see if I could save time
  11. You sir are a genius it now works the resistor array I got were sharing a common ground on pin 1, had some 220ohm resitors that I put in and it now works perfectly. Time to get to grips with the colourisation and get a dmd dump of the Flintstones. Thanks for all the help hopefully I can help other out with my new found knowledge
  12. Ok did this and pins 1,3,5 all say "pin 5 closed" when connected to GND. Pins 7,9,11,13 all say "pin 11 closed" what should this say in a working display connected to a real machine?? As soon as the ribbon cable is attached to the DMD driver board it says "pin 11 closed" which makes me think there is a GND short in the DMD driver board rather than anything to do with the pin2dmd setup. Does this sound correct? Don't want to start a wild goose chase on other parts if it is another issues on the pin2dmd I have missed
  13. Ok, little update checked the SD card reader and there was no connection from the SD card header to the DO resistor on the SD module, added a jumper wire and now it boots with the SD card inserted and seems to be saving pallet files to the card, set it to williams/bally in the program next issue to arise plunged into my Flintstones and all it shows in the pin2dmd logo and no DMD image tried all sorts of different thing but it will not shift off the logo screen. I have gone into the pin2dmd menu to the test input to see if that shows anything when the dmd ribon cable is disc
  14. Yeah tried 2 different cards, I think both may be cheap cards, just ordered a SanDisk one to try. The rest of the dmd works great and all registered thanks for all your work guys this is gonna look great in my Flintstones!!
  15. Ok my bad one one thing I had changed the hub75 connector on the sheild for a male one to use the loom supplied with the LED modules, which ment that the connections were all out of line!! Now it boots up One thing tho, it doesn't seem to boot up with a SD card inserted, works fine if the sd car is removed, is this normal? What format should the sd card be in?
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