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  2. Thanks so much for this! I've been following the discussion about the ALP table and I've watched a lot of commentary about it on YouTube, and if I had to start over again I'd advise going this route to start. I'm pretty interested to see if they come out with a v2, because I agree it would be nicer for a deeper cab to fit a PC, but NUCs are coming along nicely.
  3. First off, thanks for all of the work that goes into this project. It takes a community to get stuff off the ground and to the public. I'm about to have some more time and I would like to develop more Apron / Full DMD videos for my PuP, are there render standards out there? Obviously 16:9 / MP4. But are there other render settings that should be set up in Adobe After Effects / Premiere / etc. Or can someone point me in the right direction to where I can find these settings? Once I get some Aprons down, I plan to move to all of the screens with some custom animations.
  4. Absolutely love this table, cheers all round! I am having an issue on a 3 monitor setup (all 16:9 setup), Videos start of fine for the DMD display, but once the Bat Phone starts, the DMD screen jumps to the backglass and stays there the rest of the play. Changing the script to FullDMD does seem to help Referencing the support post from Terry:
  5. It's almost been an entire year since I started this project and honestly I can't believe the results! I'm glad for all of the spare parts I saved along the way, these forums that helped guide me on the WTF moments, videos/guides from MJR, TerryRed, nailbuster, MajorFrenchy and more that have gotten me this far. I finally got some more cab buttons for the front and removed the Stream Deck. Now to learn all about lighting (Other than the Philips Hue strips on the undercab)
  6. If you are using PinUp, I'd recommend placing the Topper there with the Pinball FX3 logo.
  7. My wife and I love this table! Feels so much like playing the original with an amazing new theme. A perfect reason for a virtual table! One thing is I can't seem to figure out is the Extra ball button, but that's totally on me. I was hoping to find it in the Script but no luck.
  8. I was wondering if anyone was still using this? I acquired a hue lightstrip but I didn't have luck following these instructions
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