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  1. Hello all !! I've got a little problem with this table, when i start a game, the ball come slowly to the plunger (only happen on this table, not on other VPW tables or others), any idea why and how to fix it please ? i tested it on Vpx 10.7.0 (Rev 310) and with different roms ( mav_402, mav _401 and mav_400 ) Here you can see a test of the problem :
  2. Thank you Nesta78 for the B&W media, you're the best xD
    Good job on your video loading Nesta78, i like it ... Is it possible to have this one in white and black please ??
  3. do we have a chance to see a day your final projet ?? it's look amazing.
  4. No problem Dazz, take the time you need for resolve it ... Thank you for your hard work for us and for the news. 🍺😉
  5. Thank you dvs626, you did an awesome work on it .. i love it 😍 ... Keep the good work 😉
  6. Really nice stuff ... No suggestion, looks perfect 😉
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