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  1. By request; I have opened up a VPUniverse Merch store... The VPU Merch Store is piggybacked/hosted on my buddies new online store, LordoftheGameroom. The first item in the store, by request, is the VPU - Frankenmug. Artwork by Joe Picasso. If you have artwork that you would like featured on a product; please let me know. While you are on the store site, check out some the other items on LordoftheGameroom. Right now the LordoftheGameroom shop is t-shirts that we have designed. Eventually we will offer custom engraving, custom signs, pinball toppers, and whatever else we can come up with. My favorite: Please Note: VPU does not make any profit off of items in this store. Item prices are the suggested price, fees, taxes for product and printing by the printer. All items are print on demand via a third party printing company, Printful. Printful handles everything, product fulfilment, printing and shipping. Payment will show invoiced by LordoftheGameroom.
  2. The premium looks amazing. Buddy of mine has an LE on pre-order. Can't wait to see what it looks like!
  3. Hello VPUniverse Community! It seems that we are getting more and more releases that contain Desktop, Cabinet and Virtual Reality in the same VPX file. It's getting hard to keep up with, so I've created a new VPX Hybrid download category. If your release is a single file that contains Desktop, Cabinet and Virtual Reality (VR Room); please upload to this new category. This new category will appear as a new section and New/Updated file feed. If you have already released a Hybrid file; please let me know the file and we will make sure it gets moved to the correct category. https://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/category/152-vpx-hybrid-releases/
  4. I fixed this yesterday. I removed the up/down arrows and we only have “Like” now.
  5. Someone must have uploaded your files to VPD as well… because why in the freaking VP world would anyone even think about supporting that site.
  6. Hello Everyone, My buddy and I are getting into the pinball modification business. We are going to be offering up several different services. We are currently working on our Lord of the Gameroom (lordofthegameroom.com) online store and slowly adding merchandise and services. Yes, I will have some VPUniverse merch in the store eventually. As of right now we don't have the store open yet, but we need to get practice in using our new toys. One of our new toys is an e-Cobalt Class IV fiber laser. This laser is capable of doing deep engraving on hard metals, including stainless steel which most lockdown bars are made of. Normal costs of a engraved lockdown bar in the past has been ~$350 due to the setup and time involved. As we are still learning and tweaking our process... I'm looking for 5 people that would like to have their lockdown bars engraved. The cost would be $75 for a single image up to 5.5in wide and $25-50 for each additional image, the smaller the additional image the cheaper. Normal pricing for this service will be quite a bit higher in the future. Unfortunately, this offer is only valid for Domestic USA. We are still working on our shipping processes and not ready for international shipping. We do not have a stock of lockdown bars at this time, but looking to procure some in the future. Requirements: 1. The purchaser would need to package & ship their lockdown bar at their cost to our shop and either include return postage or pay for return shipping. 2. The purchaser would need to provide good quality images. Vector graphics work the best. Black & White/Grey Scale. svg, png, pdf, ai formats. The better the quality image, the better the engrave possibilities. 2a. We have to approve the images, not for content, but for what's needed for our engraving applications. We have not tested engraving on powder coated material. Below is an example of the engraving that I did on my HyperPin 2125. This lockdown bar is a custom size and one of a kind that I had made 10 years ago. This engrave took 45 passes for the ball and bars and 10 passes on the stars. I was scared, but it turned out perfect and I have high confidence that our future engravings will look even better. Message me if interested.
  7. I did some work on a buddies mini-pin the other day. Everything has been working great. He took the machine inside and it connected to WiFi. It seems that there may have been some kind of update that’s causing this error. I’m not around right now to investigate this error. Anyone else running into this? Know how to fix it?
  8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ac1nvtbFbt7PB2fwI6SZx2wpPs6fkezb9j95eV5MHhA/edit?fbclid=IwAR2jaLdEUNYhxLdFfHQ70RPzfJ0flJ41Czus6sMdyivGWCJm0u-1AwTqZ7c#gid=0
  9. If your purchased machine contains any games... Then you need to seek out the seller for assistance. Any good cabinet seller; would be following the community and not including games or software... However, they would be willing to sit with and/or have documentation/videos on how to add games and setup the software. There are hundreds of excellent tutorials online that show every aspect of this hobby.
  10. @fastdraw Please refrain from spamming other projects in this thread. This thread s specific for Freezys VPE Unity 2021. If you want to discuss other projects; please start another thread of your own.
  11. I'm looking to do some engraving, laser etching, wood, etc pinball designs. Anyone have any good vector artwork files they are willing to share? I'll take what I can get, but some that I'd like to test out first: Centaur Fathom Addams Family Attack from Mars Scared Stiff Indiana Jones
  12. Just checked my email logs... It looks like my server restricts my email to 100 outbound messages per hour. There are evidently a lot of people that are subscribed to some file updates. I guess I need to find a better SMTP email host....
  13. Evidently you don't know the difference between an Open Source project and a Non-Open Source project.
  14. I'm sorry, but I'm not helping build anything else. VPU is this site and I run this site for the community. I honestly think you should drop anything "popper" related... Come up with names that haven't already been coined by the owner of the software, @NailBuster. You don't own the rights to anything "popper" and should leave the domains to the creator of that software. This is why people are upset with your antics.
  15. Plain and simple... It's not about likes, but respect amongst creators. Having credits on the post and in the scripting shows and gives respect to the people that come before you... Providing the link to the exact download that was used as the basis of your mod would be nice as well. People are taking the time to mod existing games, but not willing to take a second and give credit where credit is due. People, including myself, like to know what version of the table was used as the basis for a modification and who was the original author. I personally like to compare the original to the modded versions. We like to know exactly what changes the modder made to the original release.
  16. @bigus1 Good to see you here! I use to enjoy your builds, but it's been a while since I've played one... I don't even visit VPF anymore since my ban and its garbage talking owner. I have to admit that I haven't seen any of your most recent builds, so I don't know what's all mentioned on them. You are correct... For the most part; most authors are fine with modding. As long as the modder took time and asked them in the first place; usually that is all that's needed. However, there are some out there that request that their releases to not be modded upfront, but people still do anyway. Again, this is just an open discussion on modding and I value everyones opinions. We need an overhaul and be more forward thinking when it comes to this aspect of the hobby. This is where things become dicey and confusing... I'm just curious as to what goes into a "rebuild"... You are one of the more famous modders around, so your opinions are valuable. When you state... "all I need to do is write "this is a rebuilt of"". This obviously doesn't work as this has still been an issue in the past on VPF. There are several authors here and in our Discord that have voiced their opinions about it as well. Surely you didn't start with a completely blank VP playfield, with absolutely no script but the basics. What exactly did you re-build? Did you take components off of the original, then paste into your "re-build"? Did you completely re-write the script? Re-draw graphics/playfield? Did you re-record sounds? What did you re-use from the original? Graphics? 3d models? I am all for modding, or remixing, of tables. Modding is a necessary entry point for new authors to help learn how things work, but what exactly should count as a "remix"? Simply making small minor modifications? Completely overhauling of a primary system on the game? Graphic updates? Changing a ball graphic?
  17. @tattWhat you are talking about here and a full modded release are slightly different. Going back to the VERY beginning of this hobby.... EVERY single table is built off of snippits that someone else created. Some code sinppits go back so long that the original credits have been long long lost. Ball rolling, lighting, physics, etc... Technically, anyone that's using any of the pieces you mentioned above should keep the credits of those pieces in the script. If someone uses Freezys script for something; Freezy should have credit in the script for that snippit of code. This way anyone that mods that table, going forward, they know that Freezys script was used. Some components are hard to credit as they have slowly become part of the initial VP package. Usually people created these parts for the better of the hobby and don't ask for any credits in return.
  18. This thread isn't about anyone specific... This thread is to come together as a community on how to move forward our thinking when it comes to modifications and how they should be handled.
  19. Absolutely correct... This information needs to be on every modification.
  20. If it's ROM driven; there is a B2S tool that can help find the light assignment ID's.
  21. Yeah, it was exactly my thinking behind this patching. I do like the name "remix" for modifications. VPRemix sortta has a ring to it.
  22. I originally come up with this idea for adding DOF to existing tables if the authors chose not to do so themselves. This method requires the user to have downloaded the original table. This is just a discussion right now... I do think patching is the way to go though.
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