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  1. The DFW Pinball League & Tournament is on home turf, in the cave, this Sunday. This is my good buddies game room. This is just the main gameroom. There are 3 more rooms that have games in them. I'll get some more pics of the other games shortly. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and interested in playing some pinball. Check out the DFW Pinball League, News & Events on Facebook. Players of all ages and skills are welcome!
  2. You guys need to remember that colorizations are NOT SPECIFIC TO VIRTUAL PINBALL. There are thousands of people with real machines with compatible DMD displays in them. Colorizations are for both Virtual and REAL pinball machines. This site is open to any and all pinball talk.
  3. That's what Midnight Madness modes are for... they kick off at Midnight if someone is playing the game at that time.
  4. I have created a new section in the Downloads area. Please use the following section for uploading/downloading of animated wheel images. https://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/category/149-tarcisio-wheel-images-animated/
  5. Got the laser cutter working well. First tests on acrylic. Just had to do a piece for my girl. Really impressed with how fine line work can be on the laser.
  6. If I had one... I'd post one. I just don't have an update right this minute.
  7. BTW - I'm hoping that the cloud hosts have a resolution for me today. Evidently this is a pretty major bug that I found in their system. I could easily create/duplicate PBs of data right now and their systems wouldn't have any idea that much storage was being used. I've tested so far and have been able to clone 21Tb of data, but they still show me with only 600gb. There should be just a little over 1TB for the main downloads section. So they aren't seeing 400GB of what should actually be there. I probably shouldn't have cloned 21TB worth of data, but it was done to prove a point to their
  8. I actually work 2 jobs right now to help make ends meet... The site is purely hobby. Lately it feels that I've been working 3 jobs trying to get this problem fixed...
  9. Still working on this... I just got a message from the cloud hosts. For some reason; I'm showing all of the data in my buckets (folders) and I'm able to access it without problems. The cloud hosts shows that we are missing nearly 800GB of data. The numbers just are not matching between what I've uploaded, multiple times, and what they show being housed. It's almost like the data that I'm uploading is going into their system and into my buckets, but they haven't been able to account for it. If this isn't fixed soon; I'm about to drop some more $$$ and upload the files section again to anot
  10. Damn great freaking score! I've been trying to talk a buddy into letting me have/borrow his BOP 2.0 in immaculate condition.
  11. This is still ongoing... we fixed one issue, but encountered a different problem now. I have multiple engineers and database admins looking into this and helping out.
  12. Well... Good news... We've determined the problem. Bad news... It may not be fixed until Saturday afternoon. A major bug was found, it caused the system to loose roughly 250gb of data... Don't worry; I had a complete backup and nothing will be lost. Now I get the joy of re-uploading nearly 1tb of files at 20mpbs. This will max out my upload speeds for roughly 2-3 days while everything re-uploaded.
  13. yeah, he really took offentz to that, eh?
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