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  1. Just replaced with lib-usb-win32 and now working. That was the missing part. Wasn't clear from instructions.
  2. The USB driver that it autodetected and installed show it is configured for COM3 in device manager. Is there a manal driver install needed? I did try not specifying an ports as well just in case. I tried using COM3 after going into device manager and looking for USB driver that was installed.. How should the Pin2DMD showing in device manager? This screen print is not from his machine but this is the same as the way Windows 10 showed the driver that was installed.v
  3. I have a friend who purchased a Pin2DMD for his Vpin he is upgrading. Have a strange problem that I haven't been able to sort out yet. For whatever reason running the command line DMDEXT.exe will not find the Pin2DMD. The strange part is that the Pin2DMD is working fine in VPX with colored roms so it doesn't appear to be board related. UltraDMD is also displaying fine on it. I personally own a PinDMDV3 so this is my first use of a Pin2DMD. I am assuming I am missing a step. His system is running the release 10.6 VPX as well as the latest release of SAMBuild 3.2 (final).
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