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  1. confirmed, I have installed the old version, with the Link, it looks like in the images of the cb3 tutorial, thanks for the help, I will continue to translate into Spanish and see if I learn a little the editor and if not sure that someone will serve the translation.
  2. thanks slippifishi, tonight at home download that version and check it. Surely that's what you comment, and be an old version what I installed. regards
  3. Hi, I'm translating the tutorial into Spanish, to better understand how this works. The tutorial is very good, but I notice a difference with the images included, when comparing them with the editor that was downloaded the same week. has there been an update of the editor after this tutorial? I say why, for example, in what I downloaded, I do not see the "recordings" window. I'm using the 32-bit version, I do not know if it has anything to do with it, or the editor actually updated and the "recordings" window does not appear anymore. I use Google translator, and it is more difficult for me to try a correct translation and I would like to not lose any of the information, once I finish translating all the chapters, I would like to share it for people who speak Spanish if the author gives his permission, of course . a greeting
  4. Puedo hacerlo en la pc del pinball virtual que estoy construyendo en las teclas de los pasos ... mi visualpinball está completamente configurado y tengo la ROM de color ejecutándose. Hoy he estado probando pin2dmd en el pinball virtual y con pinmame muestro la imagen, ahora necesito hacerlo funcionar con pinball visual. Aunque el pin2dmd es para mi verdadero pinball, tenía curiosidad por verlo en acción con el virtual. PD:I have noticed that the color palette I have for spidey is not the correct one, it shows too much green, can someone who has it correctly share it? or not if the dump of the color rom would be correct for what it indicates lucky1
  5. although I am glad to know that he is listening, he is working on this problem and I do not have the slightest idea of how to do this that you tell me. I am willing to learn and try. Any tutorial that is available on how to extract scenes with PB and how to insert them in pin2dmd editor, will be well received, taking into account that I start from scratch and did not know these great programs until a few months ago .....
  6. I tried with the files at the beginning of the post and it does not work for me, my SMVE is the European version and it gives error 7, some problem with the amount of memory ..... I do not know if they are working on solving it, but I would be grateful if that were the case .pay my license for pin2dmd to lucky1 and also buy my pinballbrowser license, but I can not get my SMVE to work with my pin2dmd.and now I see that I need Sharky macro files ... which are not available ... ... can someone help me or everything go through a colorization by hand ... that I can not use later because of an extended memory that does not fit in the European rom?
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