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  1. Is there any documentation listing what each LED signals. Apologies if this is already out there, I couldn't find the info. If no documentation can someone advise what it means if the orange LED is stuck on. I'm having intermittent issues on Theatre of Magic.
  2. Your coloring looks great. I built 10 of the V4 units some time ago, now I only build the EVO, much less work and much less expensive. Most of the work is done by PCBWay in their factory, you just need to solder on the LEDs connectors, screw it together and load the firmware.
  3. I run the input test on everyone I have assembled, made up a little plug in adapter so it takes less than a minute to do. On the other hand, I have yet to find a fault in the inputs so probably not necessary at all.
  4. Wow, looking great. Will you have versions for TWD Pro and for TWD Premium/LE? Not sure how many scenes are different, I assume that some are.
  5. Check your power supply. How are you powering the PIN2DMD?
  6. You can certainly order the EVO boards and receive them without the need to do any SMD soldering. See this thread for info. Even with assembled boards, you will still have some work to do, selecting and purchasing the correct LED displays, assembling the parts, making power cables, getting the firmware loaded onto the boards, etc. Instructions are on this site and on the Pin2dmd site. My advise is if you are after less than 10 then try a PM to Dan. or maybe dzorbas who is in Canada and might be able to ship to you.
  7. get them sent UPS or DHL, it doesn't add that much as a percentage to 10 or 20 displays.
  8. I had 2 faulty Waveshare SD drives. You may have the same problem.
  9. I find the getting into the menu to be a bit hit and miss until you get the exact sequence of button pushes sorted out. I can't remember the sequence off the top of my head, I will report back once I test it. But it is something like hold button 1 then hold button 2 as well then release button 1. if it resets do it in the opposite (buton 2, button 1) order.
  10. does that HUB75 connector look like it is fully soldered? In my last order of 10 boards from PCBWay, I received 1 where teh Hub75 connector was missing, luckily I had 1 I could solder in.
  11. Just wondering if there are any step by step instructions for using the V4 boards with the smaller and bigger displays. For the 128x 16 is it just a matter of using the 128x32 displays and putting the correct firmware on the board. Probably also need to sort out the mounting holes on the acrylic? I note on the EVO a ROM is on the actual EVO board, but I take it this is not required for the V$ setup.
  12. I just loaded this on a friend's Indy 500, Wow, the colorization is outstanding - big thanks and donation coming your way Slippifishi.
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