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  1. Thal got me to swap out my arcade buttons for leafs and to also install a real tilt bob. Amazing how little things like that can make a big difference. Highly recommended. Very cool looking build!
  2. Wow @JamieP That does look interesting. Will check the game play out. I'm a big fan of backgammon and parchisi. Very nice woodworking. My gf won't let me go into antique stores anymore because if I see an old hand-crafted wood box, it's coming home. And thanks again @Dazz for the time you've been spending on VPU. Much appreciated. And if you're ever in Cleveland there's a very fun disk course right by me with a cool mix of woods and some holes along Lake Erie. Can be a tad windy. Cheers! Off to see if I have an Urquell in the fridge somewhere...and to goog
  3. Knorr + VP = 'special event' moments. Hope there will be more.
  4. 3 stones lighter. I like that. After this past year I need to drop a stone or two. My band is thinking of using a new name after this long lay-off. '3 Stones Lighter' is going in the hopper.
  5. The bike biz, like so many others, has gone over the rainbow crazy. We should chat before you have any overhauling done.
  6. Wow, those are yours Tom? ...and the restore pics, bad shoes and all? That's some cool stuff. I've had my eye on acquiring an ECO Tireflator... but in good condition they are stupid $. Spotted one at this cool place along a bikeway near me a while back and thought it would be a neat feature to bring to my bike shop. If you ever spot one that's roached let me know. that red one is on ebay for $3,500 right now. Oof.
  7. Oh my. That post was meant to be lighthearted and humorous. Sorry it was taken the wrong way.
  8. Thanks for all the time you're putting into bulking this place up!
  9. Have you seen the movie Pandorum? B movie with an A+ ending. My time on Vpin let me interact and learn from a kaleidoscope of characters. The energy, commitment and brilliance of the work people just...shared!. was beyond anything I ever thought I would experience when I first started out. Vpin had a flow to it that promoted interaction. I don't know diddle but got to chat with some of the best minds. And that experience helped change my contraption into an obsession. Thanks again Dazz for rolling out the sleeping bags. Oh, the end of Pandorum - Escaping a sinking shi
  10. You have Matt helping with MC? Good to hear. Hope things have slowed down for him. I vaguely remember playing a version of Beaver. Me and that artwork did not mesh.
  11. Verne is a neat looking table but - - Magic City!! Hope you and Jeff hook back up on that.
  12. Hope a lot of that stuff can migrate here somehow. @bord's stuff is still on Ytube no? I fortunately printed out Roth's fleep sound tutorial and downloaded the various files. Maybe someday I'll figure it out. Vernes World!! Funny you spotted that mention. Also hope randr is ...decompressing and doing ok.
  13. Ha! And I just found the donate page. Gotta say, having countless Wildman bg's on my cab, I feel guilty not having found that earlier. Thanks @Wildman !! It works! You have to leave a space between the @ and the username.
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome @Dazz!!
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