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  1. Wow. System 3's and my sensibilities have never meshed. Yet I loved the game design of this table and Schlabber's Deadly Weapon...but maybe the sounds used and artwork kept me from coining them up much. So I was curious about your update and yep...have already played 10 games and loving it! Always thought the 'street level' game design Gottlieb used for these tables was creative and kinda EM'ish. But the sounds and art can be cringe-worthy. Thanks for bringing this table to life!!
  2. Get in there and get your hands dirty. Anything done in the editor isn't saved until you give final approval. This build out of the box didn't need much tweaking on my set up. A little inclination, a little x y . But every cab is different so one person's perfect POV may not work for someone else. Go experiment!
  3. Spotted that the original WM BG was posted here Dec. 25th 2014. Wildman - working on holidays!! Thanks for update!!
  4. Me -two years earlier. We've gotten to experience all the crazy changes pball has gone through first hand. Bord has '65 as the most interesting year? Perhaps looking back historically. But for me it was '79-80. Flash, Sea Witch, Silverball Mania. Perhaps a game changing moment that allowed pinball to survive. Yeah, '81 was kinda cool too.
  5. Yep, concur with previous posts. Fantastic build. Looks and plays like all your stuff does. Fantastic! This table seems to be a part of that weird period when chimes and bells were replaced with noises. Would love to know what the designer Ed Krynski thought of this. Thanks @Goldchiccoand all that helped! really, do you ever sleep?
  6. 'it is so wonderful that the cleverness of design of these tables isn’t lost to the ages.' THAT right there. Perfect.
  7. It's a very cool game. PM sent @Rickmc. Hope my links work.
  8. !!!! What a fun surprise @Shannon 1950! Really appreciate you bringing this classic to life to share. Most of us would never get to play it otherwise. Whenever I'm showing my cab to someone for the first time, I have a list of games I load up first and give them a brief history of pinball - Worlds Fair Jigsaw 1933- randr Humpty Dumpty 1947 - was that Jayson also? Balls a Poppin 1956 - Lman/Gnance I'm going to add Knock Out after HD (also a Harry Mabs design) the cigarette holders will be so bizarre to show people. And this BG is crazy cool!! Love it. Big thanks @bordand @loserman76 for helping out.
  9. Oh! And Wildman's bg is spot on gorgeous.
  10. I'm afraid to look at my PBX time log for this table. Might be up to 'weeks played' now. Thanks for update!
  11. So...leg doesn't snap off irl?
  12. I'd forgotten about this table. Thanks for the memory jog and as always, all the hard work!
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