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  1. I am getting behind and need to check out the tables you've been sharing. This is an irl favorite so look forward to loading it up. Thanks @Goldchicco!!
  2. Getting ready to head inside and spend some time with the cab. Glad to have some Goldchicco tables to load up!!
  3. This is spot on gorgeous. Getting very spoiled with these exceptional creations. Big thanks bord, Scott and support crew!
  4. Zale. Yay. Thanks to every creator involved!!
  5. Nice! Very cool project Tom. And - Good to hear that Matt is tackling things again!
  6. It's been fascinating following this unique table's journey through vp treatment. What's been done here with.. if I'm remembering correctly, scant resources, is a mind boggling accomplishment. I am having a blast playing this.
  7. What's this? Wow. Very cool surprise. Thanks Shannon!
  8. Love this table! Thanks for the update and sharing it here.
  9. I have a version on file and would like to check it out but not a pup guy. Is there a quick shut-off for that in the script? Stern got some blow-back initially for using Seawitch for a modern update but I thought it was kinda neat and hope sales were good enough for them to try it again. Quicksilver! That table needs some love.
  10. Just noticed the drops doing a little 'bounce' when start is hit. Maybe that's been done elsewhere and probably has but little things like that add so much to the realism.
  11. Classic table from a wonderfully boisterous time in pinball history. Thanks for building this and the continued updates. Gameplay and sounds are getting crazy real.
  12. May have to dload that table now. Thanks Wildman!
  13. Aw man, hope the work situation is brief.
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