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  1. I modify in pinball browser with transparency in transition (for example : a car which go from left to right and clean the screen). It's calculated by CPU and use transparency in pinball browser. With pin2dmd editor, it's impossible to create a transition with transparency because dump don't have it.
  2. I made this colorisation with a friend. So I can't share without his consent. We colored the screens without the filmed captures. I have modified a lot of scene in pinball browser. So I'm working on a modified pinball browser version without the side channel cable. And I modify a little on pin2dmd editor to upgrade a few scene which I can't do in pinball browser. So I don't want to make a native pin2dmd projects (and it's not possible to have transparency with pin2dmd editor).
  3. Thank you for the summary of the different modes. I solved my problem with your answer. I use the wrong mode (replace colormasks) when I had to use simple palette switch
  4. dmd_persistentpalette=1 -> Verified (from the beginning of my work) If no fsq file on SD, palette don't change until another command on side channel was sent. I think it's not a problem on pinball browser or side channel. But if I put a fsq file on SD, the palette 0 is selected when no keyframe is recognize.
  5. I'm still working on it. The problem is that the default palette is selected when no keyframe is recognized. I want the active palette to always be active until the next recognized keyframe or the next side channel command. I want to turn off the default palette. Is it possible? On previous firmware, I remember (2.5x) it was like that
  6. Hi, I have a bug with my transformers. I make colorisation with pinball browser and it work fine. But in bumper animation, there is a dark line generated by SAM motherboard. With standard editor, I modify these screen (19) and attribuate keyframe for each. The problem is when an another screen appaer fast, the command by sidechannel (palette changing) is ignored because pin2dmd is still in bumper screen and when the next picture is on, the palette is 0-default palette. I try to change palette in normal mode but nothing change. I try delay screen 1 / 10 / 25 but same issue. pin2dmd 4.15 with last editor and palette 64 colors Shall I remake all keyframing for palette?
  7. Hi, pin2dmd was in pinball and the modified rom (by macro) was in pinball too. I can backup this rom to USB. After, I can open it in pinball browser. On my transformers pinball (SAM system too), I make a colorisation with pinball browser and it works on 4.01 firmware. I can try to upgrade to latest firmware and see if it's the same problem.
  8. Hi, I bought a metallica pinball yesterday and there is a pin2dmd in 3.xx (don't remind) which works perfectly. I say I will update to 4.07. And now, the palette works on first frame and return to default palette on next frame. So, I downgrade by dfu my evo in 3.19 and now the palette selected is active until other one is selected by serial message. I don't have the original macro to modify but I can download my rom in pinball to modify in pinball browser if necessary. I think, it's a minor bug or I must stay in V3 for it.
  9. Is it works with V4.xx firmware? Awesome job. I’m waiting gold version for a long time... Big thanks...
  10. Hi, I try to use the new colormask sequence and I can’t define a mask to triggering the second and other frames. All is blue and I can’t use tool to resize the trigger location. Anyway, I can’t sélect a mask. Number of mask are not enable. perhaps I have the wrong methods. I read the tuto on Pin2dmd.com and I need more informations.
  11. Hi, I have some real pins with pin2dmd. Now, We stay at home and it's time for me to continue my Attack form mars colorisation. I'm french and I decided to make my own colorisation. There is a lot of work and I have a big problem since 2.57 to 3.xx and new version of editor. I don't know if the problem is pin2dmd version or editor. Before update, no problem with freeze at all. So hardware is not the problem. Dump is made by me. When a screen appear like "presente" or another screen with score and freeplay. The pin2dmd freeze. If I reset with button, pin2dmd restart normaly since one of these screen appear. I change STM32 with another one but same problem. I change microSD but same problem. I think, there is a bug with my colorisation file. I don't know where I can begin to search. I can send file if need.
  12. I bought 2 of these shit... I had so many problems. So don't buy this bad chinese copy.
  13. How I can link STM32 and arduino to receive these informations? Which pin do I connect? My project is to make interactive led in saucers on attack from mars like the remake and I need to get informations of game sequence to play the correct animation in saucers. Animations are already done. Now, I need to connect these 2 cards. regards,
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