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  1. Issue sorted, I had a bad export. New files uploaded and should work with freezy 1.81 now.
  2. Less time at the moment, so I decided to share my beta progress, please read the info at the download page. Roundabout 600 working hours total until now - only for attract mode more than 100 and still glitchy. This one is a beast... As always for real pin requests, please send a pm.
  3. You need to rename the files to pin2dmd before using. You also need minimum version 1.81 of freezy. Make sure you use the x86 version, even on a x64 system. Usually it should work, maybe someone can confirm?
  4. Version 0.52


    Please read: After I had less time for color works and knowing it won´t change the upcoming weeks/months, I decided to release my current progress on this one. I already spent over 100 hours for attract mode only, reaching a total amount about 600 hours to date. This table is really merciless in it´s transition possibilities. That´s why I had to shift the project to 64 color mode. Thereby this version is not supported by Freezy´s dmd yet, so you will only be able to play it on real dmd hardware, using the latest firmware. I know for many of you this is an issue, that´s why I decided to upload the latest state of the 16 color version as well. That version won´t be updated in the future any more, so hopefully Freezy or someone else is able to enable the 64 color support for lcd screens soon. Dont expect a flawless result, there are many transition and color problems and some scenes are also still missing. Thanks to WOB for beta testing and dump file providing! Please don´t share with anybody and don´t upload the files somewhere else! Thanks to Eric for this real pin video:
  5. Thanks for the feedback, it´s the first time I hear from that. Will check and provide a fix with the next update.
  6. Ok, please don´t get too exited, this will be a side of the side of the side project and due to it´s complexity it should take ages... just want to show its on my radar. I have definately other priorities at the moment, but since @lucky1 did such great work on the editor possibilities, it gave me the final nudge to start and experiment. As always these might not become the final color choices.
  7. I already posted those on facebook when this site was down for a while... here they are to complete the preview list.
  8. The best way to show me the issues is send images or videos via pm. I am aware about the double and triple jackpots issues. There might be some other rare transitions that needs to be dump recorded for me to be able to colorize them, so any dump file provided would be helpful as well. Need a break of that table for now but always collecting reports for a next future update.
  9. Usually that should not happen with the latest version, I don't know what version he had installed. Sometimes people don't stick to the instructions as using English language etc, what also can produce issues like that.
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