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  1. You can also import animated gifs and if needed split them into single frames in the editor. I have done that for a private project using Photoshop. You need to export the gif while making sure you use the right amount of colors and the correct dimensions. The palette will be imported the same time.
  2. It´s still alive! After a long time I finally found the time to give Monster Bash some improvements: Changelog: -overall flicker elimination -drac attack improved -mummy mayhem improved -full moon fever improved -many minor fixes of glitches and color bleeding -color adjustments -real pin optimization -support for older roms (compatible with all MB rom versions) As always free download for vpins, donations much appreciated: https://www.paypal.me/mistamartin Get the vpin files here and feel invited to leave a review or comment: Thanks to all real pin and vpin testers! For real pin requests, please pm. Enjoy!
  3. Yes true, forgot to mention it you are right! Wow need to check out this table later... If you like you could pm me that exported scene and a dump file to trigger it. I could try to check it out for myself to help to find a solution tonight.
  4. It needs to be done for a long time, but finally the update is in progress. I was already able to improve some modes. Should be available very soon...
  5. @sprudeldudelI guess that is caused by something concerning the color priorities. Since you are on 64 colors, the priorities are getting more complex than described in my latest tutorial. Could you post a close up shot from your color palette when the scene is selected?
  6. @sprudeldudelwhat I would guess from the Screenshots you provided is that indeed mask 0 and 3 could cause a conflict, since mask 0 covers a part of mask 3, but less pixels. In general I would recommend to avoid that. Since the scene will be triggered by the minimum requirements, I would suggest that mask 0 always is the preferred one. Hard to tell more without having a look at the project. I just renewed an lcm tutorial, but not sure if that will help you since it only explains the essential usage and you already seem to know how it works in general.
  7. After many questions and requests I found the time to do another topic based tutorial. This might help those of you who did not work with this mode yet. It will increase your possibilities to deal with the mask limitation and difficult scenes. So here it is: the Layered Color Mask Mode (LCM) explained in 9 minutes. Happy coloring! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_tT3kNg49w
  8. Thanks to all people involved for doing this whole dump project, it is much appreciated and will be very helpful!
  9. I will have a look at that scene in my project to see what's going on. I don't expect it to be a fw issue, but maybe the new fw does not forgive some mistakes within the colorization project as older versions did. Will get back to you soon...
  10. Issue sorted, I had a bad export. New files uploaded and should work with freezy 1.81 now.
  11. Less time at the moment, so I decided to share my beta progress, please read the info at the download page. Roundabout 600 working hours total until now - only for attract mode more than 100 and still glitchy. This one is a beast... As always for real pin requests, please send a pm.
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