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  1. you do absolutely nothing different, the keyframes are generated from the DMD image, And the DMD images are the same from a real and V pinball as they use the same rom. I'm willing to bet that most of the "it does not work" is coming from people who are using an LCD screen and don't know that 64 color projects don't currently work on their hardware.
  2. sucks for me I don't have a real pinball to test this in, my only goal is to make a a vni and pal file. I don't know if their is a possibility that some scenes work on a VP and not on a real machine. I do know that if you cut scenes that have allot of frames, you can have sync problems. the scenes where colored and the keyframe was working on a VP with an LCD screen and Freezys dll. I can show you a video of the DMD when Freezys gets an update. I converted this project to 64 colors so that I could color Breakshot Freenzy, Bonus and the Jackp
  3. I guess we are talking about different things I have the 11 captures and split the scenes so that all the animations that have the text: right super cue, left super cue and center pockets trigger independently of what the the start (number or position of the locked balls) is the only thing I need to do is updated my scenes to 64 colors, same thing I did with the start of the frames. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vjniwsb3s4qgux/capture-1.avi?dl=0
  4. their is only 11 possible combinations for that shot Post Up Ball 1 Trapped with No Lock Balls 0 = No lock 1 = Locked Ball 000 fullplay1 (ball on right side of post) 000 fullplay6 (ball on left side of post) 001 Not possible would need a ball Locked in 1 Place 010 Not possible would need a ball Locked in 1 Place 011 Not possible would need a ball Locked in 1 Place 100 Not possible would need a ball Locked in 1 Place 101 Not possible would need a ball Locked in 1 Place 110 Not possible would need a ball Loc
  5. is their any chance you can include the ability to change masks with this button. as a project grows, we can delete some of the keyframing masks that are in use and make an updated keyframe with other masks. when this happens I have to delete the keyframe and create a new one with the new mask.
  6. thanks for the updated. I don't know if this is something in my end but if you go to the download section the "recently updated" is gone. Can we please get that back. I only know of some of Wildmans updated files because I follow the link from Vpinball.
  7. No more java errors and auto save is working. out of curiosity I assumed that the auto save would simply save over the existing project but it seems like the auto save is stored elsewhere. I saved and closed the project and later came back to it when I opened it I got a pop up with something along the lines of "auto saved detected would you like to restore file" Where are the auto saved files stored, the only PIN2DMD files I found outside my PIN2DMD folder is in the Windows/User folder.
  8. is their anything we can do to switch to 64 colors if the prompt to switch does not pop up when we load the project. the only changes in the settings I have done -create a shortcut when a scene is cut -I had auto save every 5 min but was getting a Java error so I disabled it. I tried a project that was created with an older editor and created a new project in the 64 color editor ; closed and reopened the project and I still did not get the prompt to change to 64 colors. scratch that, you can fix this by changing the number of colors from 16 to 6
  9. I don't for this case the same color mask will work for both frames , so I deleted one of the scenes. if I was using the replacement mask then I would need both. (using a different hashs to trigger both scenes as you suggested) The problem I saw is that Like you I was expecting to see the "keyframe already exists" pop up when I was (unknowingly) using the same hash for 2 different frames. edit Out of curiosity but do 10-15 minute long DMD dumps eat up memory when you create or run the vni and pal file. I had a 5+ minute long dump wi
  10. take at the left 800K and the right 800K they don't look the same I cut both thinking they would require their own keyframe. both share the same primary A7389E22 hash the other 3 hash numbers are different. I created the required keyframe for the left 800K. but when I tried to create the keyframe for the right one. I did not get the "Scene with hash already exists" . I got the keyframe moved from the left image to the right one. I thought this might be a bug after introducing the option - possibility to change hash and scene of exis
  11. can we have the option to cancel this I found some scenes that look different so I cut them, but the keyframe is the same and I get this option when I go to add the keyframe for the second scene instead of telling me its a duplicate scene.
  12. if this is a 64 Color Project = more then likely NO rom patch!!!! (I'm assuming this only the author can confirm this) you should be able to use the same project on both versions (assuming all scenes for the LE and Pro are captured and colored)
  13. I have no doubt that they work take a look at this 2 images Unless their is a PIN2DMD Editor feature I don't know about the 8 Ball (stripes and solids) game releases balls at random (based on the target you hit) The mask over the first ball is going to trigger the same keyframe regardless of what the rest of ball are the first ball will have the correct color but the rest of the balls are not going to have correct colors. when I said it does not work, I ment that you cannot trigger a pallet that applies the correct color to each ball. again their might
  14. the masks you are using to create your key frame are not going to work this is a capture of the 7 ball rolling out and a capture of the 5 ball rolling out and if you use any of the current masks the key frame will be the same
  15. I understand what you are saying, but Like I said I found a way to add different text colors (without doing any color (number) changes in the PIN2DMD editor) See pic I do this by moving the text/Numbers from color 16 (Highlighted) to the other numbers in the color selection list. when I said color mask does not work I mean to say that you can't change the color from D16 to any color in A B or C section similar to what you can do with other non SAM roms. in this video dynamic score is in the A and I can easily change it to B, C or D https://www.dropbox.com/s
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