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  1. Ok. Forgive me for disturbing your time, lucky. the manufacturer had asked to indicate the correct part number of the replacement component. had not noticed that it could be the same as R2. I apologize for the inconvenience. thanks
  2. hi Lucky, can it be replaced by this model? cheers https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Yageo/RC0805FR-130RL?qs=5aG0NVq1C4zZ4CPBAE6RpA%3D%3D
  3. Hi Terranigma, thank you very much for your feedback. As the DFU and RESET buttons did not work at first, and I had problems with this before, so I performed the replacement of the two buttons (DFU and RESET) and the problem still persisted. I did the measurements of the capacitors, the USB and buttons and everything seems ok, compared to a working pcb. Of all pcbs in the batch worked, and only this one did not. already regarding the USB cable I tested another cable and the problem persisted. I tried to configure via stlink and it also doesn't recognize the pcb. The noise appears as soon as I turn on the pcb and when I press the DFU or RESET buttons the noise changes a little. I'm a little afraid of leaving too much time on because it looks like something is shorting out. what else could it be? already any possibility to test the SMT? Thanks
  4. Hi lucky1, I did some tests with 100n capacitors and they all seem to work. including the C14 and C16 capacitors that had problems with Terranigma. I compared it with a pcb that is working and the tensions seem the same to me. Some capacitors are giving 3.xV but some are giving different values, but they are the same as the working board. I don't have any 100n capacitor from the defective board that would be giving 0.002V or nothing. So I think this is not the problem. I tested the voltage of the USB connector and it seems to me that it is ok too. I just note that when I turn on the pcb in full operation I don't get any noise. When I turn on the defective pcb I have a loud noise and as I press the DFU and RESET buttons the noise changes the sound. In addition to changing the RESET and DFU connectors, I also did the test with a working board and the values are the same. I don't know if this can help anything, but this is the problem I get. Any new help or idea of what it could be is very welcome. cheers
  5. Hi, I have a pcb from a batch i had purchased on pcbway and had not yet tested it. However, today I enabled it to use in a realpin and I'm having the same problem as Terranigma. All other pcbs are recognized except one. My pcb does not give any signal when I connect the USB. I don't even have a usb error signal. he just doesn't recognize. Tried to perform a resold (L1) but still or problem persists. what else could it be? Could it be a problem with the USB connector itself? I cannot enter DFU mode because pcb is not recognized. I only hear a small noise when connecting the card and when I disconnect the usb the noise seems to increase. when I press DFU and RESET the noise changes. Anyone would have any ideas. I appreciate any help. cheers
  6. Yes. I already have the altcolor folder of other colors of the vpin roms and they are working normally. but this colorization when starting the table with these colorization files it locks. and when I remove the coloring files it works normally.
  7. Hi, did anyone manage to work with the vpin files? I did the tests with the files on my VPIN with XL display in version 4.10, but I was not successful. I downloaded the "frankst" rom again and to no avail. when I remove the coloring from the altcolor folder, the table will work again. any trick to the operation of files? ...and thank you very much for the excellent work...you are awesome!
  8. Hi lucky1, thanks for your reply! i formatted the sd card and installed it again with the files you sent me and it worked! Thank you so much for this! Cheers
  9. hi lucky1, it seems to me that it's not a problem with the SD card. I believe that if it were something related to the SD card, in the "display vid" menu it would appear as a "not activated" display as it would not recognize the display activation key. but it is recognizing the activation key normally found inside the sd card. so I think it’s not a problem with the SD card. what i realized is that with this colorization i managed to make it work only once. but it seems to me that the display does not recognize the correct sequence to use this colorization. if you watch in my video I turn on my realpin and the pin2dmd display takes a while to turn on compared to the pin2dmd on other machines, like baywatch, and when it turns on, it appears with the correct sequence for coloring the batman soon he gives a brief reset and returns to another sequence that is not the correct sequence for using Batman's coloring. what could it be? can you use this colorization in your realpin normally? should it work? please let me know if you have any ideas about this. Cheers https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1o1uzTW8guWFaajS7dhCABYwqIElM2nuI
  10. hello lucky1, I did the test with the coloring and when I put the files of this coloring I realized that I have to change the RGB sequence to the right side red square and the last white square. in this case, it works correctly. it happens that, when restarting the machine the rgb sequence is undone even if I save after changing the sequence. and the colorization is inadequate. I tried to save countless times but when restarting the machine the problem persists. what can be in this case?
  11. Thank you lucky1! In the previous version I changed it to "RAM" and it worked perfectly. I will test soon with version 3.18. Cheers!
  12. Hi, just a question... when I place the 4-color palette files on the SD card provided in this link , I rename it to pin2dmd.pal. but when I configure for a realpin the PIN2DMD is in the colorprism 3.16 image. when I remove the 4-color palette file from the SD card, the display goes back to work and I noticed that the manufacturer I configured again reappears. I tried to configure the manufacturer in the display settings again with the 4-color palette file on the SD card and the image keeps it in the same place (colorprism 3.16). On my sd card it has only the files: activation key, .dat file (automatically generated) and pin2dmd.pal (4 color palettes). For virtual pinball with the altcolor folder I don't have this problem. Has anyone ever experienced this? Cheers
  13. Hi lucky1, I know that this excellent project is not yet finished. but can you tell me if these files (.pal/.fsq) can be used in a realpin, even unfinished? will they work? just to add some color to the realpin.
  14. Hi Lucky1, I came to give you the result of my experience and the final stage of testing my XL display. I will report what I did and the difficulties I encountered during the installation. first I want to thank Lucky1 for all their patience and support in helping to solve the problem and the colleagues who expressed it to the forum. I performed the installation from the beginning again, passed the firmware slowly from the beginning and some steps seem to have identified that it could be one of the problems. The file pin2dmd_xl.upd I renamed it to pin2dmd.upd and I believe that this was one of the factors that caused the problem in the installation of my display in the first moment. the correct thing is to use it the way it is. another problem that I identified was that when I put a color file like the one available on some sites like maverick.pal I had problems with the display. the blue signal that flashes that I believe is a data signal was static and when I removed this file the blue light flashed steadily, showing that the display was responding to the data signal and the animations appeared on the screen. with this, I was able to make it work with the 18+ machine board connector itself, but MSF seemed to get stuck or fluctuating, I will still do tests with a separate source to see if it will solve the problem. but I'm already very happy with the result and knowing that the cards are working. very grateful for your support.
  15. the pin2dmd 128x32 I don’t have in the city I am in at the moment, but soon there will be some leds I will have some to do the test. but it’s an interesting idea. Anyway, if this could be related to the realpin power supply that I thought I had already discarded because the display turned on only that it was stuck on the PIN2DMD logo, so I didn’t measure the 5v amperage, but today I will do the test with an external 12v 5A source to answer this question. if it’s a problem with the realpin’s feed I’ll be able to find out and discard this. but if that doesn’t solve, I’ll also do the procedure of reinstalling the firmware and all the configuration from the beginning and use the external source itself to check if this is not the problem. I will perform the procedure and post the result. just a question ... if i do the procedure in dfuse will i lose the activation key? because the plasma display would work and pin2dmd wouldn’t, I’m sorry but I didn’t understand why this reason. Aren't they basically the same connections and voltages? thank you very much for the lucky1 effort and apologize for any inconvenience. and I hope that today I can solve it. I'm really hoping this will end well. thank you
  16. Thanks for the photo lucky1, I am currently without machines with 128x32 display in my house to test. They are in space for games in another city. What I don't understand is why the plasma display works and pin2dmd doesn't work. I can't understand it. The installation looks ok to me. Is power supply one of the factors that can also be, or can I already eliminate this hypothesis, because it is being fed and the PIN2DMD logo appears? Today I'm going to do the tests by restarting the firmware.
  17. thanks for returning lucky1, yes after I reset the display menu settings I went to the save option to complete the procedure. unfortunately i won't be able to test on an date east. I am testing 3 different displays from the same batch, one on each MSF, Maverick and BAtman machine and all basically had the same problem. I really don't know what else to do, do you think that if I reinstall the firmware from the beginning or even try a previous version it might not work?
  18. I'm sorry lucky1, I forgot the gnd in the previous video. my head caught trying to solve. I did new tests and without success. I did the reset config (onscreen menu) and with the ribbon cable turned to the correct side (red side in j2), the display was connected with the logo but without success. I did the test with gnd connected together and the display on one of the display boards it seems to me that pins 10 and 9 did not work. the rest were ok. the video was accidentally recorded in half, but I tested all of the pins flat conector and all the others worked except for pins 10 and 9, as shown in the video. what can that be? what else could i try. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1b72SsjmOL8nf1ySok6K6NXNA7Zl1lIeM
  19. I tested the flat cable data connector without success. by the way he doesn't recognize the flat cable or am I wrong? What do you think of this? is this the problem? if so how should i proceed? will i lose my pcbs??? https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1b72SsjmOL8nf1ySok6K6NXNA7Zl1lIeMs
  20. ok lucky1, i will do what you said directly through the display menu. and if it doesn't resolve do you think it is necessary to do a new installation of the files from the beginning from the dfu mode or from what you see in the video do you think that the installation from the beginning would not be necessary? just one question, are the connections correct? the flat red side cable directed to j2 even if there is no image when turning on the machine, would that be the correct side? do you think it is a matter of installing firmware and configuration and not some problem related to display data? because MSF and maverick are different displays and I have the same problem with the installation and since the configuration of the 128x32 models I never had this type of problem. This is what I find strange, because the configuration of the SD card is standard for both displays, changing only the .dfu and .upd files that refers to the XL model, and I see no difficulty in that, it seems to me calm and that is not it. my doubt would be the physical installation, but if it is in the right way, it does not seem to be something of the SD card. but I’ll do what you’ve told me to do and let you know later. do you think there may be a problem on the display where it is not receiving data from the machine? is there a practical test to verify that everything is correct? sorry for the inconvenience but i would just like to understand why this is happening and the cause of it, as the standard 128x32 models are in full operation.
  21. Hi lucky1, I attached some videos that are on the link on google drive. video one refers to the video where when I turn on the machine the PIN2DMD logo goes off. The second video I inverted the flat cable connections and the PIN2DMD logo remained on, but even when starting the machine the logo freezes on PIN2DMD. as you can see the original MSF display works perfectly, but the PIN2DMD is stuck on the logo also attached a video of the original display and as you can see the original MSF display works perfectly. After several attempts with MSF I did the test with it without the coloring files and tried to save the device mode again for SEGA 192X64 and pallete for red. I restarted and tried again, but to no avail. The display was frozen in the PIN2DMD logo and with colorprism 3.15 and the device mode configuration no longer appears, even saving the settings. here are some pictures of my installation. let me know what i might be doing wrong. just to clarify, the ribbon flat cable when connected to the red side directed at J2 it appears PIN2DMD logo and immediately afterwards the image erases. and when the cable is inverted the red side to the opposite side the display is only on the PIN2DMD logo. The image of the connections refers to the photos already with an inverted cable, as directed. but I imagine that the other way would be the right way. red side directed at J2. Edit: I just did a test of another XL display on a Maverick and the same problem. I have the PIN2DMD logo frozen during the game. I also attached a video of it. I made a demonstration video inverting the Maverick flat cable to clarify what I am saying. Where am I going wrong with the installation? ??? thank you. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1_Jx7zUSUpdEqNxl-qc26mP206jAD9Z-t
  22. Perfect dzorbas, thanks for your guidance! In reality, the display already has the SD card with the coloring files made by malenko. But as I said, I only receive the signal from the PIN2DMD logo and soon I lose the image. I will do the test of alternating the flat cable to see if it can solve the problem. I thought about using 12v as an alternative to solve my problem, but from what you're telling me, it doesn't seem to be a problem of poor nutrition. My question was because the MSF card seems to me the original connectors are 5v and the PIN2DMD connection is 18v. So I thought that would be my problem. But as I see the guidelines, the connections are correct and maybe I need this jumper to solve my problem, but it would not be mandatory for the operation. I need to check more if this is more of a flat cable issue or something. Lucky1, thank you very much for returning. The display is activated and configured for SEGA 192X64 and with the coloring files on the sd card provided by malenko. (pin2dmd.pal / pin2dmd.fsq) How can I check if there is a problem with the SEGA Display Controller? Is it necessary to do a 5v test while it is running? The old display was working.
  23. ok, lucky1. let me see if I understood... for the 18v to work and i can use the original whip from MSF do i need to disassemble the led panel and make a solder bridge between the 2 grounding pins in the middle of the connector shown in the pictures below? otherwise it will not work, would it be? or should it be working with the original whip in the photo? because the display lit up the logo PIN2DMD and gave no more image ... could it be this welding bridge problem that is needed.... if I want to use the alternative of using the 12v display directly from the MSF Power supply, instead of the 18v to avoid having to disassemble it for welding, can I pull the 12v and the gnd according to the diagram below?
  24. Luck1, thanks for your reply! it was a dll problem. I'm currently trying to connect the display to a realpin, specifically to an MSF and I'm not getting an image. I connected the original display harness to the 18+ connector on the EVO board, but to no avail. I had a brief image of the PIN2DMD logo and deleted it and had no more image. Would there be a specific place where I need to pull the power suplly or would this be the way? I read in some forums something related to 5v, but the EVO model XL seems to me that there are no 5v connections, only on the power board of the realpin display. I posted this information and the diagram in this other post. Please let me know if you can help me. your guidance is much appreciated Cheers
  25. I got a diagram of the MSF. Where is it advisable to pull the food safely? could I pull the 12v to the pin2dmd XL board, as I signaled in this diagram with arrows, through two quick splicing connectors in this location? would be the best solution? let me know. thank you
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