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  1. Hi Tim. I would like to get the color dmd for virtual pin and it states to contact author. Thanks.

  2. TimBoch


  3. It is a known bug in the programming. It will omit the 10billions place while playing but will show correctly in the high score screens.
  4. I am actually sad to say that I have sold my Tee'd Off with its Pin2DMD. I still have all my custom files which probably is at about 90% complete. I sure made some amazing progress with the dynamic score screens and even made a couple custom screens for the hole in one at launch based on Augusta's hole 12 from the Masters last week. The one Tiger made a 10 on So I will leave this as my final picture. I can honestly say I will greatly miss all of the members that I have learned from to make this Pin2DMD colorization work. You guys are the best.
  5. I had replaced the original Hole in One and No Hole in One launch scenes with a custom one using TPC's hole 17 island green. Then I thought I would make a couple new ones using Augusta's hole 12. No Hole in One Hole in One bandicam 2020-11-14 18-37-56-456.avi bandicam 2020-11-14 18-31-36-855.avi
  6. Custom Outlane Duck animation Custom Outlane Duck.mp4
  7. Original Outlane Duck animation recolor Original Outlane Duck recolor.mp4
  8. Teed Off Gofore party mode animation.mp4 Teed Off Skins game animation.mp4
  9. Making progress with the dynamic score screens and a few others. https://imgur.com/a/Y7KruIK Teed_Off_Attract.mp4 Teed_Off_Dynamic_score_screens.mp4
  10. I have been trying to delete that post. I think the link in the post above it does work.
  11. bandicam 2020-09-11 15-03-33-862.avi bandicam 2020-09-11 15-11-44-875.avi
  12. Progress on Tee'd Off continues. I decided to replace the colorization of the original Outlane Duck flyby with a custom Duck Hunt version. https://imgur.com/a/VbHUApZ
  13. When you export for a real pin it will create 2 files. A .fsq and a .pal. You will need to rename them to pin2dmd.fsq and pin2dmd.pal. Then just take the SD card out of the DMD and put it into your computer and drag those 2 files into the root directory of the SD card. Put the SD card back into the DMD, press the reset button and see what you got.
  14. Thank you for the response. I will give it a try. Is there a better way to do it than the single frame Color Mask? Also, is there a way to adjust the size of an existing mask? I am thinking that I should have had this mask just highlight maybe the first word instead of the whole header to better launch the scene. Thanks again for your help.
  15. Making some progress with ColorMask mode. Not sure why they color mask sometimes effects the next scene or screen that is only set to default colors. video-1586643768.mp4
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