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  1. Was BAT60J not installed with previous revisions? I didn't go back to look. I've used the same 10 foot USB cable to connect hundreds of others to my laptop without issue. With this batch, not a single display was recognized by the laptop. I finally found a 3 foot cable that worked. These boards have the STM32F4 CPU. Something has changed somewhere...
  2. Could have helped you out as I still have a bunch with all the necessary components. Not that I'm trying to selling them individually as they get shipped when I sell a display. I'm in Canada so sending one your way wouldn't have been an issue. Looks like you are good at this point.
  3. If you do this and it updates the firmware it means that the SD card reader is working and reading the memory card properly.
  4. I believe @FishTales10 has a real pin. He might be willing to do some testing for you. He started colouring Monopoly on his on but you are faster and more skilled. He is still learning!
  5. I generally order 100 panels at a time directly from Coreman rather than through Aliexpress. I'm not sure if the price per panel is any better this way but I get them in less than a week via DHL once they are ready to go. Quality is great but I still get a bad panel on the odd occasion. Because I order regularly, if I have a bad panel or two I can usually get replacements with the next order. Sometimes there is some grumbling but we usually work it out. One thing to remember is that these panels are batched (there should be a sticker on the back of each panel with a number) and mixing batches can result in different intensity or colour between panels. If you have to replace one, you should really get a pair. I deal with Ellen who goes by Summer. Her contact info is below.
  6. Go whole hog! 😁 I know a few people that loved the work that CB3 did but told me there were some issues with real pins. One guy decided to get a different DMD 😔 but told me it things could get sorted out, he would happily replace it with a PIN2DMD again as he thought CB3's colour work was better!
  7. @lucky1, is there any chance that the firmware can be programmed to ignore the name of the .fsq and .pal files that are on the memory card? Some of the authors use the name of the game and a version number as the name of the files. We are all aware that the files need to be renamed pin2dmd.xxx for them to work but on the odd occasion, people forget to do this. And this would help when an author releases a new set of files and you want to compare them to what you have installed. I realize these are minor gripes but if the extensions are correct on the files, wouldn't that be sufficient? I've resorted to creating an empty folder on the memory card and naming it with the pin name along with a version number if the author has provided one but I think the firmware ignoring the name would be better. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but I don't recall seeing anything about it. My apologies if it has. Thanks, Dino Z.
  8. Yup, we are all getting hit with increases. The $8 USD processor was $28 USD this time around. LED panels have gone up in price as well. Overall costs have increased $20 to $30 USD with this last order of parts. Then again, ColorDMD has increased their prices by $20 USD as well.
  9. Just to add to this discussion, I received a large order of EVO v1.4 boards today and out of the first 10 that I tested I was not able to get Windows to see any one of them. I was going to assume that all the rest of them were going to behave exactly the same way. When I plugged in a board from my previous batch, it was visible to Windows without issue. Thinking that this was a USB driver issue I went to the STM site and thought I would reinstall the DfuSe software in hopes that an updated Windows driver would be included. I discovered that there is a new application, STM32CubeProgrammer, that is supposed to handle all STM32 processors. I installed it and figured out how to update the firmware on my working board but it did not address the issue with the new boards. And of course after installing the new software, the DfuSe software no longer sees the good board. I tried removing and reinstalling USB drivers, rebooting the laptop, tried every USB port, etc. As a last ditch attempt, I tried a different USB cable and shockingly, it worked! I'm not saying this will solve anyone else's issue but Windows no longer has an issue with the boards. I don't understand why the first cable was okay with the older board but not the new ones. I'm a bit stunned but relieved. I will fully assemble a couple of these new boards to make sure they work as expected. Lucky1, the question I have is whether there is any issue flashing the firmware with the STM32CubeProgrammer rather than the DfuSe software? The Cube software is looking for a .bin file rather than the .dfu. I installed version 4.09 and then overwrote it with 4.10. It seems to work just fine. Anything to be concerned with here? Thanks, Dino Z.
  10. I realize this is an old thread. I've been trying to use the macros that are sitting in the Pinball Browser repository with the 1.61 Stern binary file. I use the big macro that is sitting in the repository and I always end up getting "out of memory" errors. Is this normal? Am I missing something here? With newer versions of Pinball Browser I'm also getting "It is very unusual to define a palette for a non full-dmd frame..." errors. If I go back to version 6.x of PB that error does not come up. @Terranigma and I have both been trying to figure this out. We are reading through the Pinside posts as well but it would be great if someone could chime in here with some suggestions that might help anyone else that comes looking for this. Thanks! Dino Z.
  11. I haven't been in touch with Michael in a while. I know he didn't have access to his vpin rig so he wasn't doing any colour work. He let me list his colour files on my website - www.cdnpin2dmd.ca/colour-files Here's the link to the Demo Man files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R8lKfkV9AZlmVCpTuZ4XJ4SYFWa-FH-z You can donate to him here: https://paypal.me/slippifishi
  12. I have been in touch with many of the colour file authors as I have asked their permission to list them on a website that I have created. Each of them seems to have their own preference on how to contact and donate to them, if that is their wish. In the case of Hazurdous, his preference was that people PM him here. I have emailed him personally and have had no response. Hopefully he is just busy and all is well with him.
  13. Excellent. Thanks for the feedback. One more simple step to add to the process!
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