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  1. For Data East CN6. For sega Whitestar and Stern SAM J16. Double check orientation. -René
  2. Hi Antonio, They are asking for the text like: X1, X2 etc. I did not put these in the BOM, because I believed no one would let it be made by PCBWAY. I did create a BOM for you how they are expecting it for manufacturing (see attached file). Hope it works. -René BOM PCBWAY.xls
  3. As more people are asking for gerber files and even suggested to make a shared project on PCBWAY for easy ordering, i've decided to make a shared project on PCBWAY for it: PCBWAY LINK I'm also uploading the gerber files here, along with an updated version of the PCB Autodesk Eagle files. The BOM remains the same. @lucky1 Could you also update the design in the hardware folder for me? I hope everyone can order faster now without hassle :). Data East converter.brd Data East converter.sch Data East converter_2021-07-01.zip
  4. Eagle should ask you if you want to open both the schematic and board together. So click on the board and select 'yes' when Eagle ask if you also want to open the schematic. The gerber can be made from the board when it's open. You can use this instruction: How to Generate Gerber and Drill Files in Autodesk Eagle - JLCPCB: Help & Support It will export the files and as an advise: Set the checkmark at 'export as zip'. This will give you a zip file you can put straight into the uploading path of JLC or PCBway.
  5. Thank!. Yes, you need the gerber. As lucky1 said you can export the gerber in eagle. You can choose the standard "template_2_layer" cam processor as this one is good enough for this purpose .
  6. I just picked up my pinball hobby with the led displays again and I realised it's been a long time. Then I saw I never responded to this topic. So my apologies. I'm happy to share the PCB design (Eagle) for the breakout board and give something to the community :). If @lucky1 wants to put the design in the hardware folder on Github, I would have no trouble with it. Data East converter.brd Data East converter.dru Data East converter.sch Connectors BOM.xlsx
  7. I still have 4 discovery boards I want to activate. Can I get 4 codes in 1 time by donating the correct amount of money? I already have the discovery boards laying around.
  8. I found the COLORDMD version a very good idea, but I did not like the 3 pins connector they chose. I've designed my own breakout board wich can be plugged on the powerdriver board of DE version 3/Sega version 3 & whitestar/Stern whitestar & s.a.m. and you could use a 4 pins molex found in any pinball machine or the WPC wireharness from COLORDMD.
  9. Thank you. I couldn't have figured that out myself. When I installed everything I was missing some good documentation. I still don't know what al the leds on the controller mean.
  10. I finished my shield yesterday and tested the pin2dmd with the new software (v2.42), but when I put power on the pin2dmd it shows the logo and then blacks out. It won't show the code that it is supposed to do after 1 minute waiting. I have tried the older v2.41 and that worked fine. After 1 minute waiting the pin2dmd showed the code. Also with v2.42 I got really weird colors when I first powered the pin2dmd, there was a light red as background and the logo was light blue. After changing the colors in the onscreen menu it was back normal (black background and white logo). So my question: is there something wrong with the new version for new users, because the screen won't show the code? I've attached a video showing what V2.42 does when I power the controller. VID-20170916-WA0003.mp4
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