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  1. Cleaned it up even more. Ordered a new middle beacon as it was yellowed and wouldn't come all the way out with the commercial grade peroxide...game's too nice to have dingy parts! Filed down the bezel to fit perfectly. Backglass was a bit funky fixed that up. Fixed the door and some outer cosmetic things, but overall a beaut! Really fits right in with the new ones. A very nice setup of playstyles. Just waiting on yet another pushed back date on the Mandalorian....sigh.
  2. I've had quite a few older games so far for a short time, but this one is very nice for it's age and well kept. Plays SUPER fast! Got it for a fantastic price.
  3. Damnnnnn right it is! They all are! Big girls need love too.
  4. 6000X12000 PF @275MB. yEEEEOW. Jp would die! hahahah. Very nice table btw. Have a few nudge spots, but what EM doesn't. Adding to cab.
  5. This guy's attention to detail is great. Get his tables. Thanks @Schlabber34!
  6. Agree. I also assume grabbing a build based on the actions rather than the dev's 'official' beta dump is jumping a bit ahead. A WIP of WIP is asking for bustedness.
  7. FYI: Start Trek 1979 (the newest version...the pretty one) is the best example here, but the ball gets FUBAR'D and lost in random space on rev. 323. You see it immediately when it comes through the middle of the playfield after launch. Doesn't even make it to the flippers. I went back to 318...same ball behavior. 310 works fine.
  8. Sweet! I'll give her a go! Thanks, Gents. Keep up the finnnnnnne work. EDIT: Played it and that's some really nice action around the hole. Love some good hole action.
  9. Apologize for the slang, but you are correct in the ball disappeared into/through the kickout pictured.
  10. I'm following this closely as I really enjoy this title. Fantastic update! Downloaded and got to it immediately. Got another problem area: Backhanded (LF) to the post above the kicker and ball went adios. Also directly into the kicker from the RF and boom....gone. Twice in a row.
  11. Oddity. I noticed after a fresh wipe/install of everything, that frames weren't being sent to PinUp. I looked in DMDDevice of course and ahh...I see now that it's set to 'PinUP' vs 'True.' I set it to True and PinUP is back working fine getting frames. I exit to Popper and my DMD will not mirror now. WTF. So I set it back to PinUP....DMD in Popper works fine, but I lose my PinUP again... What am I missing here? I'm on Freezy 1.9. **********Shit. I just realized I put this in the wrong thread.***********
  12. @JFR1 Yep. I have been in POV-land for about a week now really getting dialed in on what the Z-Offset can bring to the party. I'll fire up the cab in a bit and see what my Taxi looks like, but if it has a cabinet option, you can bet that puppy is on (1.) Cab rails are a tough call when there's a VR setup as the whole cab is a privative and really shouldn't be messed with when it comes to 'size' and 'offset.' If you have an older (non-vr) table, you can adjust the wall height and usually get away with a taller wall without too much fussing.
  13. I want for very few games of this era/type in my collections, but seeing a restored Quicksilver is one of the classiest games made. Great work! Also, repo'd over and over losing the ball above the upper-right pop after coming off of the left flipper going up the 'C' rollover and slowly back down. Doesn't make it back down to the pop gets lost in under-table-land.
  14. I lowkey have listened to her albums. Let's do this. Thanks Phenom!
  15. I'm having more and more fun with this table. Made this for a friend in Michigan at 7:30am so don't mind my shit-play, but it's humorous nonetheless. If cursing isn't in your day, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to not watch this.
  16. You bet. Happy to help. Uploading to gdrive now.
  17. Man! What a fantastic job! I still go back to Deadly Weapon by Schlabber as that particular table hooked me into this realm of Gottliebs. Something about them draws us in. Also, the lack of a shooter hole with the rollover bugged me so I exported the blueprint and tossed one in there. If anyone wants the new PF let me know. Of course I upscaled it and cleaned her up in the process lol. It's too big to slam into this post. Much better!
  18. Another beautiful rendition of a table we all know and will probably never own. Why would we need to as this is just so great. Thanks VPW!! When we love a table so much...we nit-pick. The area around the flippers looked like they lacked some shadowing, so I added Flupper's prims into the mix. Looks much better! Note: This is screened from my editing PC. Colors seem a bit dark and washed out as my cab is much brighter, but I promise the shadows fade nicely. Before: After:
  19. Neat seeing the hobby in the wild at the Asheville Pinball Museum. I was quite surprised. Also to note…this Vertigo-style isn’t for the average pinballer. Does just what it says and gives (at least for myself) an odd sense of vertigo.
  20. Thanks all! So, to answer @Thalamusquestion, I’ve actually owned quite a few now and have traded up and around to really culminate a span of play-types. With that said I can’t choose one. If I have to ‘choose’ I ditch its predecessor 😉 VPinning is my guilty pleasure and augments that thought process pretty well.
  21. So yesterday I turned 40. Let's backup to Saturday when my son (5) and I travelled to a pinball hub near us. This particular hub picked up a Hot Wheels! Come on....Hot Wheels, Dinosaur modes, tracks, gripping art...this kid was in heaven. He hadn't stopped talking about that table during the subsequent days. Managed to link up with a distributor who linked me up to another distributor a few hours away, and here we are. My son's reaction brought me to that tight feeling you get in your chest...one of happiness and pride only your children can give you. I hope a parent reads this and knows when your son...your sweet, brilliant, polite, and calculated son, looks RIGHT at you and says "Dad, you're the best" and just has an uncontrollable grimace with near silence to follow, you know your gift has been had. As far as the game goes...it's SO fun. I don't care what keyboard-warriors think, play this thing. It shoots SO smooth and the ruleset is simple enough, yet layered and exponential to put up some great scores with a bit of patience.
  22. I just realized....no sounds on wall taps or ramps or really any hit events? Very strange. Possibly a 10.7 thing? Just this table.
  23. HA! That's rich. There was JUST one of these for sale in my area...and...get this....the one caveat of the table was that the cowboy....DIDN'T HAVE THE ORIGINAL LEGS. Now I know the real story. Also...this reminds me of this.
  24. I mean...he clearly states "I've changed it to 1.5 as it has everything 1.4 had, but we've added VPX 10.7." 33 seconds into the video.
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