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  1. Guys....guys....listen....this table needed an update. I would put this dare I say in the top 3? for an update. You did it. You've reached zen. This is just wonderful and will bust my Sunday totally. Thanks thanks thanks! Also...ALMOST just bought a real .ver of this table....GLAD I DIDN'T as this is too good.
  2. This is ALSO my top [email protected] Thanks so much for this surprise..I've been out of town and finally getting around to installing this beauty. Man-o-man...looking and playing sharp! I did notice the CLU helmets do not flash correctly...very dim...like an alpha layer is wacky on the upconverted PF. Checked Youtube vids against this and it's really hard to tell what helmets are needed during CLU.
  3. If anyone gets in the Columbia, SC area feel free to stop in!
  4. I did! I have a premium coming for largely that reason. The PF is very forward and the plastic ramps were in your face. I'm glad the aftermarket ramps exist as it will make many pro-owners muchhhh happier. Seawitch ...I mean the Beatles is EXTREMELY fun and challenging. The person I purchased it from actually owns Rock and Roll Pinball in Alabama and had 2...one at his pinhub and one in his home collection. I actually still feel bad playing it a bit as it's a numbered Platinum edition and I hate that feeling. Trying to shake it. It was his Son's favorite table and he had over 200 go through his possession. It's one of those 'it's so easy I can do this' tables...then you can't. The super low-scoring is really fun too when you compare it to most newer Sterns.
  5. Cleaned it up even more. Ordered a new middle beacon as it was yellowed and wouldn't come all the way out with the commercial grade peroxide...game's too nice to have dingy parts! Filed down the bezel to fit perfectly. Backglass was a bit funky fixed that up. Fixed the door and some outer cosmetic things, but overall a beaut! Really fits right in with the new ones. A very nice setup of playstyles. Just waiting on yet another pushed back date on the Mandalorian....sigh.
  6. I've had quite a few older games so far for a short time, but this one is very nice for it's age and well kept. Plays SUPER fast! Got it for a fantastic price.
  7. Damnnnnn right it is! They all are! Big girls need love too.
  8. 6000X12000 PF @275MB. yEEEEOW. Jp would die! hahahah. Very nice table btw. Have a few nudge spots, but what EM doesn't. Adding to cab.
  9. This guy's attention to detail is great. Get his tables. Thanks @Schlabber34!
  10. Agree. I also assume grabbing a build based on the actions rather than the dev's 'official' beta dump is jumping a bit ahead. A WIP of WIP is asking for bustedness.
  11. FYI: Start Trek 1979 (the newest version...the pretty one) is the best example here, but the ball gets FUBAR'D and lost in random space on rev. 323. You see it immediately when it comes through the middle of the playfield after launch. Doesn't even make it to the flippers. I went back to 318...same ball behavior. 310 works fine.
  12. Sweet! I'll give her a go! Thanks, Gents. Keep up the finnnnnnne work. EDIT: Played it and that's some really nice action around the hole. Love some good hole action.
  13. Apologize for the slang, but you are correct in the ball disappeared into/through the kickout pictured.
  14. I'm following this closely as I really enjoy this title. Fantastic update! Downloaded and got to it immediately. Got another problem area: Backhanded (LF) to the post above the kicker and ball went adios. Also directly into the kicker from the RF and boom....gone. Twice in a row.
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