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  1. You're really pumping these things out which means you're not drinking enough 🍻 Thanks, buddy. Looking good.
  2. This is how the original played...much like an EM...hence the change.
  3. Right-click...translate. Yay google! Takes .16 seconds. A lot faster than asking someone to 'type in English.' I also feel that's not nice. Let's be nice.
  4. You're doing fantastic work with these wheels.
  5. Clearer, less pixelated jugs is what revisions are all about. Right? Thanks!
  6. You need one? I have a 43" Vizio gaming specific model I took out to replace with an ASUS ROG 144Hz. 100$ and it's yours. Just sitting in storage.
  7. Look, @VPinWorkshop...I'm getting REAL impressed by these options. Great work as always. Got my beer....Got this new table, and it's now time to officially learn some playstyles on this table. Thanks so much!
  8. Try lowering your elemental detail in the User preferences of the table, and grab Pinfinity.
  9. Wasn't in M/B and I believe I was in either Joker or Penguin.
  10. Maybe he was unaware? ---------------------------------- Also in current news... game has hosed twice only...not a true bother, but an error nonetheless. Figured I'd toss it in the mix.
  11. So...I noticed when the Phone would spin, I would get the slightest amount of stutter...mostly during multiballs. Keep in mind I keep all things cranked at 4k, so I figured with a 3070 the 'graphics' portion should be taken care of. On this table...no so much. We now have a complicated primative known as the BATPHONE. When this sucker spins...the mathematics portion (cpu) of the setup would stutter...not the graphics. I had to turn down the Element detail because of that hefty phone! Butter smooth now. Hope this helps someone. Also....time for a new mobo/processor. 3700x/B450 aint cuttin' it.....obviously 😇
  12. All of them can (and should at this point) use the same ROM. Go into your script in the editor and search (ctrl+f) for 'gamename' without the apostrophes. You'll see a ROM name there that ties into the folder name in your PUPvideos directory for PinUp. For example...in the script you will see cGamename=trn_174 This will match EXACTLY to the folder inside of the PuPvideos directory. You see a folder with trn_174 as the name. So, in conclusion 5/6 tables have the cGamename=trn_173 or something. Should be trn_174 or whatever is in your PuPvideos directory. Also, let me get that g5k2.2.
  13. fairly certain I'm hardware limited. I think the newest FW took us to 16 colors from 4 or something....basically 64 is totally out of the question
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