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  1. This game is horseshit sober let alone drinking. I tried it whilst drinking. Had to turn my monitor upside down...seemed to work out more better. That reminds me...I need to turn it around.... Also reminds me I need to get down from this handstand and stop typing with my toes. Chicken or the egg situation I'm in.
  2. He's also over at VPF soliciting his idiocy. *grabs popcorn*
  3. Haven't needed to auto-record in batch for some time...on 1.46 and if I try to even record a single DMD I get this: Log: *Running Local Mode* checking if Popper Running... waiting 15 secs Popper Running... Running Game 314 24 (Stern 2009)(=DMD) Edit: Looks like it's doing it for BG's too.... checking if Popper Running... waiting 15 secs Popper Running... Running Game 314 24 (Stern 2009)(=BACKGLASS) AR only ever tries to run the first game on my system no matter what I choose. Did I miss a memo?
  4. HA! Very cool @BorgDog You should wire in a solenoid to fire on a highscore to shoot a PEZ into your face.
  5. BrandonLaw


  6. Lol @ the disclaimer. I'm not sure how I missed this. This really feeds my 4k artistic appetite. Beautiful.
  7. @LynnInDenverLol! You are not wrong! The song does go ‘Leonardo leads Donatello does machinessssss...’ I went with more of a ‘how they best look with their stance via height and positioning’. Wanted the highest in the outsides. I promise you Leo was first for at least two renditions 👊
  8. With the absolute outrageousness of even getting a topper let alone paying for one, might as well make your own, eh? I Think at this point I was all-in at just around 100$. (Compared to $1800 for a TMNT, currently!) The print from signs.com was the most at around 65$ but is extremely well done. Back-printed on 3/16 lexan. Tried to find a generation of TMNT that looked exactly like the figures on the cab and pegged the 2011-12ish as the basis for the art. Picked up 4 figures for 28 doll-hairs on eBay. Hot glue and plastic weld keep them in static for nudging. LED strip was 11 bucks and can go
  9. Very cool! Thanks everyone involved. Extremely fun title.
  10. First purple suit I've happily worn. Glad the subscription service is active. Y'all better give or I'm going to punch your fat gut. This is what we have left.
  11. I own the real table and the ruleset is quite layered. It would be quite the undertaking to code a 'tribute' table.
  12. This really is a fantastic mod/original. If this isn't in your collection, you're missing out.
  13. Sign me the fuck up for that purple. Yeeeeehawwwww. SUPPORT!
  14. Just played Led Zepplin Premium yesterday for almost 3hrs! Owner and I had some fantastic pin-convo and he gave me multiple free credits. This will really cure my DT's for this game today. Thanks! Even had the contextual pinblades! Also, normally able to sort out display issues, but RealDMD doesn't seem to be working and just like the previous post...the overlay seems to be attached to the Music screen? Reconfigured and still doesn't appear. I'll work on it some more, but not sure this is going to be seamless for most.
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