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  1. I can't find a link to the files, on here or on the french Pincabpassion.net site. Are the PAL and VNI still available for download? EDIT: Nevermind. I had to create a login for Pincabpassion.
  2. I was able to get this fixed. Thanks to DJRobX for your insight. It was suggested that my computer was now passing the game sounds to my speaker setup's center channel. Using a 7.1 setup, I have L, R, SL, SR, FL, FR, and Sub. But that is 6.1. There is the center channel which SSF does not use. SSF, i.e. mechanical sounds, worked just fine because it was passing these to the correct surround sound speakers. But game sounds, no. Those were now, for some reason, being passed to the non-existent center speaker. I tested this theory out by setting VPX, Windows, and my sound card all to 2 channels. Doing that, i was able to confirm that roms sounds were playing, as I could hear them from the L & R speakers. So the question is, why did they all of a sudden start to get routed to the center speaker. I don't know. I never was able to figure that out. The solution however, was to install Equalizer API. This API uses an internal channel routing solution regardless of how your computer otherwise wants to direct it. Just installing the software fixed the problem. Other solutions offered, which probably will work for someone (but it didn't for me) was simply disabling the center channel in the windows speaker configuration. I can see how that could work, it just didn't for me. DJRobX also said some people are able to solve the center channeling through "phantom channeling" in their DSP settings. This wasn't an option for me in my soundcard software. He also said that if I install Equalizer API, it may work just because of the install, but said some people actually need to configure EQAPI to send the C sounds to L and R. Either way, the result is the same. So anyways, thank you to everyone. I don't know why this happened all of a sudden, but I'm appreciative there are very smart and helpful people who were willing to take time to help me through it.
  3. Well, I tried deleting the rom from the registry. I was very hopeful that would do the trick. It did not. All the games that didn't have rom sounds before continue to not have them. Guys... what's happening... it's so strange. I'll try anything at this point.
  4. Hi Outhere. Thanks for your great response. I did exactly as you instructed, but unfortunately there has been no change. I was really optimistic too. I find it so odd that some tables will work fine and others not, when all the settings are consistent across the programs. It's just so odd. If there is anything else you can think of I'd love to try it. It's posing quite a challenge. Thank you all again. Stampedem
  5. ` The bass.dll I have in VPinmame folder is dated 7-29-18, which is about when I first installed VPX from the all in one installer. As far as I'm aware, I've never touched those files since the original install. The bass.dll I have in Visual Pinball Folder (the root folder, i.e. VPinMame is nested within the Visual Pinball folder) is dated 3-5-18, an overwrite from the VPX beta 3592, where I just copy/pasted all the zip files into my Visual Pinball folder to update to that beta. Should they be the same?
  6. Well guys, the one new bit of info is that I do have ROM sounds on a few tables. For instance, POTC, Big Brave, and X Files play their game sounds. And some others. As I've gone through each table, I've found that about 40 percent of the tables are playing their sounds. The other 60% no sounds, except the mechanical SSF sounds. Mechanical sounds is no problem. There is no real pattern as to what tables have or don't have emulated sound, i.e. no specific manufacturer is only having the trouble. They all are. The only think that seems consistent is that it's older games (about 1985 or earlier) that seem to be affected more. Newer games, 1990s and newer, seem to be less effected. I'd say those newer games are 40%-60%, working/not working, whereas older games are more like 90% not working, 10% working. It's all so weird. If all the defaults are the same for all the tables, then they should all behave the same. But it's not so. Some tables play their rom sounds, some don't, even when their settings are exactly the same. I just don't get it. If you all can think of anything you've seen in your experience that seems plausible, I'd appreciate hearing your input! Thanks again.
  7. I’ve had this problem for a week now, and I turn my computer off fully every night. It hasn’t worked.
  8. The game sounds on many of my tables seems to have quit. Most tables in fact. I cannot hear any game audio, but I can hear the mechanical audio like bumpers and slingshots, etc. So, I’m assuming it’s ROM related, rather than an issue with wiring or speakers. It is as if I hit a mute button somewhere. I used to hear game sounds, and now I do not. My pinmame global options are “use sound” checked on, and altsound = 0, and ROM volume at 100%. The F1 options for each table reflect the global options, so each table is defaulting to use sounds on and Altsound = 0. But still, most tables won’t play any game sounds. For those tables I have an altsound zip for, if I change the table option to altsound =1 then I can hear game sounds. But just trying to get rom emulations sounds? Then nothing. Additionally, I have the “Sound Samples” zipped in the ‘Samples’ subfolder of VPinMame. Of course, I have each tables audio set as high as possible (8 or 9 key, or open [end key], then 8 or 9 if necessary). And further, I have the VPX audio set as high as possible (+ key). Lastly, in VPX preferences, I do have “play sound effects” and “play music” checked on, and both are set to play from the primary sound driver. The ROMs I’m using are a good dump. It’s the 3.2 SAMbuild batch, and I’m using the latest SAMBuild beta. I’ve tried deleting the NVRAM and configs files for some tables to test if that worked, but it hasn’t. Still no game sounds. I’ve considered maybe trying alternate ROM version for the tables, but I don’t see how that makes sense, given that I downloaded the tables from the Dux Retro’s spreadsheet, so they’re the up-to-date version of each, and others seem to have no issues with the pre-selected ROM version. Short of opening each table up and making certain that “sound samples” is checked (i.e. making sure it isn’t different from the global) as well as making sure that in table options, “set music” is at 100%, I don’t know what to do. If that doesn’t work then I’ve read that adding a line after line 60: .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value("sound") = 1 Could work. However, I would rather not have to do that with each table, especially since this appears to affect only me. Sorry for the long post. I’m just lost.
  9. Out if curiousity, you say to activate the “say no to drugs” message. Does doing that effect the functionality of the colorization?
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