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  1. I haven't had any lag problems. I'm running with PinSound Studio running in the backgroud and changing the vpinmame.dll setting to 2 in the rom. (not using the alternate paths). T2 OST track is great. Bride of Pinbot wasn't great, default rom sounds better. Theater of Magic was interesting, need to check that one out a bit more. I've heard Tommy was good, haven't had a chance yet to try that one. What other tracks does everyone like/hate with PinSound?
  2. PinSound with VPinMame is the greatest thing since VPX! Tales from the Crypt with the metal sound track and PinSound Studio is an awesome experience! I'll soon be injecting PinSound into every game on my cab. Works flawless with Pinball X as well. The fact that you can set it via each Rom is great as well!
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