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  1. So you're just saying that people selling these should pay more since they are profiting from your design. I agree, and I think everyone would agree with that. If someone asks you for 10 activation keys, it's pretty obvious that they selling them, so I wouldn't give them the keys unless they paid 20 Euro each. Or just charge a rate of 20 Euro for everyone, it's worth it and it's a charitable donation anyways, and that's a whole lot better than shutting down the project. I don't think there's any other way to stop unscrupulous people.
  2. lucky1, hopefully you don't shut the project down because of a few bad apples, but I don't quite understand when you say people are selling them "pre-activated". Don't they still have to make the required donation to activate them, and so why does it matter if the seller or the buyer activates them - the charity still benefits, correct? Anyway, let us know what we can do to help stop them.
  3. @latenite04 - Any luck getting my gif to work on your system? If not, send me your gif and let me see if I can get it to work on my system - that way I know I'm doing the process correctly. Perhaps there is some type of compatibility issue with my gif?
  4. Send me a PM and I will email them to you.
  5. Ha. Still cannot get mine to work. I get an error when I try to "Convert Scene to RGB". I would post the error message but this site apparently doesn't allow attachments to posts anymore.
  6. Thanks for replying - nice to know that someone else was having the same problem. Good job on figuring out how to make it work, but if I'm understanding you correctly, it's hard to believe that one has to recolor the boot gif with colors from a "foreign" palette. I mean that wouldn't be too difficult with a very simple gif, but for a photographic type gif having 64 colors - good grief! I have to believe we are missing something here.
  7. Nobody has had a similar experience to this? Hard to believe. Or maybe just not a lot of people have tried to use the boot.fsq.
  8. No, I'm using the PIN2DMD on a real pinball machine with .fsq and .pal files (no dll file required for that). Lucky1's dll will work with a PIN2DMD I'm sure, but it won't work on a monitor output. You are right that the freezy dll will display a DMD on a monitor but the colors are all wonky. Hopefully, someday it will be updated for 64-color usage.
  9. I'm using v4.10 f/w. The 64-color mode works fantastic on a PIN2DMD installed on my real pinball, but trying to use the .vni and .pal files on a VPX table using the computer monitor DMD does not work for me, even with the Freezy version link you provide.
  10. I didn't think Freezy's dll worked with v4.x
  11. I wasn't even aware of this capability. I followed the thread - imported a gif, dummy keyframed it, and made a boot.fsq. Copied to the micro SD card and it plays, but the colors are not right. It was a 256 color gif. So I reduced it to a 64-color gif and repeated the entire process - colors are still not correct. After the boot gif plays, the colors are correct for the rest of the scenes. Any ideas of what I might be doing wrong, @lucky1?
  12. Does this only work with newly created scenes - in other words, a scene created in a previous version of the editor from various recordings won't automatically be "fixed" if saved under this version, correct? Either way, this is great improvement - thanks!
  13. I don't understand what that means, but I think because my scene has frames cut from various locations of a 10,000 frame recording and some even from a 2nd 10,000 frame recording, it may be impossible to link some of the frames to their proper hash. I think the only way to make it work, as of now, would be to start all over and cut/paste all the frames I want to use into a new recording and then make the Replace Sequence scene from that recording. In other words, I think the Replace Sequence (keyword = sequence) mode was really only meant for a contiguous set of frames and what I'm trying to do is a little outside of it's scope maybe.
  14. Yes, at first I thought the arrow buttons would just scroll through the hashes for the frames in the scene only, so it wouldn't be too bad of a job to link the correct hash to the frame, but it looks like the arrows scroll though the entire recording(s) so linking by this method would be extremely time consuming, mind numbing, and just not worth the effort. Hopefully, this bug can be fixed in a future release.
  15. When you get it working the way you want, I'll be happy to test it for you on my machine if you like. You don't have to send my your project files or even the complete colorization, just make the fsq and pal files for this scene only.
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