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  1. @arngrimThis Original table: https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=35914 Needs DOF Config tool entries. The author provided the following config: athf,E100 Blink,E101,0,ON Blink,ON,ON Dark_red,E105 Blue_violet/E112 Orange_red/E119 Lime/E120 Dark_red/E121 Yellow/E122 White/E113 Dark_violet/E114 Magenta/E115 Lime/E116 Lime/E117 Lime/E118 Magenta,E107 White/E112 Red/E119 Magenta/E121 Orange_red/E122 Medium_orchid/E113 Blue/E116 Magenta/E117 Magenta/E118 Lime,0,0,E109 Red/E112 Orange_red/E119 Lime/E120 Dark_red/E121 Yellow/E122 White/E113 Dark_violet/E114 Magenta/E11
  2. @arngrim can you please add support for rom xmn_151hc for X-MEN LE ? thanks,
  3. my bad. i get a 404 from my tablet, but works fine from windows. thanks!
  4. Freezy's dll working great with Gottlieb S3 now... another hack (ie disabling freezy for these tables) I can remove from my cab. much appreciated!
  5. I have a pacled and this is quite specific to pbx. Toys seem to fire as expected in vp and doflinx. And it started a couple of weeks back...
  6. As of a few weeks back, I noticed that several of my toys, noticeably my knocker, are firing randomly while in PBX. Is that a new feature or something I should troubleshoot ? Ideally, I'd like only lights to fire... thanks.
  7. does anyone know of a 12v 3 chime solution I can use with DOF to map to chime1,2 and 3 toys ? everything I can see seems to be 36v+ and I'm not crafty enough to put something together from parts (essentially, I don't know what parts to but to piece something together). I hopw this is the right forum for the question, I could move to the pinball building one if appropriate.
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