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  1. hi, ultimately the problem was with the cpu. really weird. but it's settled. thanks Joerg
  2. ok thanks, the person is changing the dot matrix card and the cord on wednesday. I will say the result here
  3. hi everyone, little problem that I have never encountered. the image is reversed between panel 1 and 2
  4. Hi, Well ... I told him to take the files on this page. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3766-batman-forever/ He thinks the colors are weird, but maybe the colorization isn't finished? sorry for the video this is filmed with a phone IMG_1426.MOV
  5. then, by putting only the key and the .pal file on the sd card, we have the only color orange SD formatted with FAT32 we do not see the black lines, it comes from the photo
  6. so he just made the test. if you just put the .pal file the screen is black with the two white lines
  7. Hello, sd card replacement and formatting replacing colorization files It has the same defect two white lines on black screen
  8. then he has to format the sd, without the colorization files the pin2dmd works. with just the pal file the pin2dmd works without colorization. with the two colorization files the screen is now black with 2 white lines. tomorrow he changes the sd card.
  9. not yet he is not at home but at a distance. there is no sd card to replace it. ok tomorrow i send him a pal file to try.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm really unlucky. this time it's with a 192x64. the pin2dmd works without the colorization files, but as soon as we put the fsq and pal files the screen becomes white. (the screen is all white, it's the photo that makes the lines black)
  11. it's ok now for 128x16 and 192x64. thank you for being quick
  12. 128x16_m.brd is ok for me. there remains the 192x64
  13. yet your Gerber is good. I will ask a friend that opens with his Eagle to try. and i tell you
  14. Hello everyone, as Lucky authorized me, I wanted to put '' product by '' on the pcb. on the 128x16 I noticed by opening the brd that I did not have a cutout on it, then by opening the brd of the 192x64 I did not have all the screw holes. is it the same for you?
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