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  1. Incredible stuff guys, thanks so much.
  2. Lifelong pinball nut.


    VALIS666 @ Pinside

  3. Thanks! Sounds like a significant re-working. Looking forward to playing this later, a good shooter with a great theme.
  4. This has long been one of my favorite real life tables and one of my favorite VPXs. Thanks so much!
  5. Wow! An absolute beauty and one that was on my real pin wishlist for a long time. Thanks!
  6. You have great taste in EMs, Bord! Thanks!
  7. Holee! As both a huge pinball fan and Coen Bros. fan, thanks so much, guys! I love this community. Great choice on the pop bumper caps.
  8. One of the greatest EMs ever, imo. Top-5. Thank you, Bord!! Wish I could find one in real life. But like another favorite EM, Spanish Eyes, they're not terribly rare, just finding them without a lot of playfield wear is a challenge. One day I'll learn playfield painting.
  9. Thanks for your latest batch, Loserman! Love the EMs! Tried to tip/beer you, but it seems you don't have a Paypal associated here.
  10. One of my top-10 pins getting a VPW edition, well ain't that a treat! Thanks boys.
  11. You are killing it this week Scottacus & helpers! Amazing recreations in every way. Everyone's going gaga over BM66, and I get it, but all these gorgeous looking and playing EMs is what I'm flipping over right now.
  12. Cool. Thanks a lot everyone! I own the real pin but hey, if it plays close enough maybe I'll sell it and use that $ to buy Mando or Spooky's Halloween. 😁
  13. Thanks Goldchicco! Nice to see you making tables again. 🤩
  14. Thanks Bord and Scotty! Love the EMs. If you're ever looking to do a Sky-Line, Quartette, Tropic Isle, World Fair, or Mayfair, I have nice examples if you need resources. Well, the Mayfair isn't great, come to think of it. Enjoy the beer.
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