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  1. problem solved. insert in the sd card the colored files of a creature from the black lagoon together with the activation key. the colored files must have had a problem and were avoiding reading the activation key. Problem with the world cup files and with them if I could activate my pin2dmd evo
  2. I have not tried with a pin2dmd.upd file It is updated to the latest version. I try to put the latest version of the software and see if it updates with the sd?
  3. hi community. i asked pcb way 5 EVO plates to mount. 4 work perfectly. 1 of them gives me the impression that the port of SD card fails. if I turn on the machine with SD card inserted you see the PIN2DMD logo but when the game graphics have to appear nothing appears. if I turn on the machine without SD card, then the PIN2DMD logo and the game graphs without the color palette appears. i've tried formatting 2 different SD cards and none of them works. Would you know how I can check the SD card port or what's the problem? thank you
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