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  1. I never changed led brightness, so I have no idea. Maybe you can find info at the DOF documentation. https://directoutput.github.io/DirectOutput/inifiles.html Or ask in the forums.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure from your description but... 1. Make the screens work. Use "Display Settings" in Windows to be sure your computer sends picture to them. Use "identify" and they should show a number. 2. If you start table directly in Visual Pinball X, the apron screens won't work. They only work when you use a frontend. Like "PinUp Popper" or "PinballY". The frontends are different, but basically you must "assign" each screen to a display window, like DMD, instructions, topper, or other.
  3. [SOLVED] Updating to 4.12 immediate cured everything. All tested tables works normal again. Puh. I just skip those 64-color updates for now. Thanks.
  4. Hi again. I don't get this correct. Tested Freezy's driver as described above. Tested Lycky1 1.8.2 driver. Can't see any difference. None works. My PIN2DMD is always black when tables run. If I reset at the PCB it shows the logo, so it's working. The only DMD screen I managed to see is some window in the upper left corner of the playfield. Tried so many things now and no progress at all. Tables/DOF and all other stuff works perfect, it's only the DMD. Before upgrading firmware it has been working for many years. Something must have gone wrong during update. I have the V3 PCB "Discovery", would it help to replace it with a newer PCB?
  5. I really don't remember, but I'll test your driver. I found version 1.8.2 Thanks! Memory is occupied with to many things, and I was exited to test Twilight Zone coloring.
  6. Today I updated my Pin2DMD from V3.07 to V4.10. Everything during update seems ok. Screen starts and looks normal. Then when testing some virtual tables, I just get a black screen ??? It starts with the table, and I can see some color changes before it turns black. Board is Discovery STM32F4. Is it related to some driver? I couldn't find any post about driver update. Or something else to check or do before downgrading back to 3.07?
  7. Translated French version / Version française traduite. Thanks to Hugh Berney.
  8. My basic idea was that I wanted a Beacon on top of my backbox. Then I wanted a red one, and a blue one, and a yellow one, and a purple one. I want them all, but that would not fit so... This is a MX beacon with full color support by WS2812 LEDs!! There is DOF support already, but not many tables are configured (yet). Attached is STL files for 3D-printing and simple assembly info. MX Beacon_20210417_223237.mp4 MX_Beacon_Pt4.stl MX_Beacon_Pt3.stl MX_Beacon_Pt2.stl MX_Beacon_Pt1.stl
  9. According to the aliexpress picture I attached it says "5-12 Volt, 1 Ampere" I've also updated my images with more info how to place and connect Screen + PCB.
  10. Laticoz: Probably related to server problems for vpuniverse.com. I saw some note about it. Wait and try again tomorrow.
  11. Laticsoz: I've uploaded a overview picture of all the STL's. I hope that will help you.
  12. I found some info that the motors inside older/cheaper hairdryer is a 24V DC motor. So I tested it, and it works well. This is simple explanation how to make your own heavy blower. DIY Pinball fan.pdf
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Made in matching pairs for dual apron screens. One "info" and one "instruction" file. Please note that the filenames are identical, files must be saved to different folders. Assign the files to your frontend, and that's it. Works for both PinballY and Popper. My intention was to create high contrast, easy-to-read, nice looking info/instructions that fits the table theme. Many sources used, and many hours spent.
  14. Ciceronic


  15. Update 2021-03-08: The middle part for widebody is rather large. I added that part split into two parts, as an option for smaller 3D-printers.
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