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  1. Which is the best forum to ask for support?
  2. Nice room, thanks. I'm having an issue with the DMD on this table though. It displays fine in the upper left corner of the PC display but in the VR room it only shows the left/lower half of the DMD, split diagonally, so basically a triangle with the rest being black. Is there a way to adjust this? Other than that, the performance is good with the full room, even though it's running on an older GTX 970.
  3. waltm

    Stern Roms

    Thanks! Is it too late to ask for a new car for Christmas?
  4. waltm

    Stern Roms

    Yes, but it doesn't have the one I'm looking for. Working on moving an old install from VP9 to VPX tables and was looking for xmn_151h. I'll keep checking the Stern site every once in a while. Thanks for the info.
  5. waltm

    Stern Roms

    The Stern site returns a lot of 404 errors for some older roms like xmen. Are these no longer available from Stern or is there site just having issues?
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