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  1. I'm here for fame and groupies. Ummmm.... did I pick the wrong hobby?
  2. Two features of vpinball site that I really liked. They may not be possible to reasonably implement for your site though. 1) Attractive display of most recently added tables/files, although there was minor drama about bumping major new tables off list with minor table updates 2) List of most recent forum posts. Thats how I typically viewed forums was through the cross-category most recent forum posts
  3. I'll donate again to subscribe but I think you are overpaying for storage/traffic by a large amount, but I don't know your infrastructure or site traffic so will assume you are doing what needs to be done. You might want to consider limiting the size of what you are willing to host as some of these table packages are getting stupidly big with either bloated pup packs or ridiculously sized media files. You shouldn't have to host tables packages that people are too lazy to optimize the size of a bit.
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