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  1. Awesome. Haunt, I remember you mentioning this when The Clash was released. Beautiful work. Nice tribute.
  2. The game plays slower by design. This was not meant to be a fast paced game. I'm always trying to recreate the experience of the theme. O Brother is a movie with slow moments followed by crazy moments. The game follows the same thing: slow, then multiball, then slow, then. multiball. Some have reported the game being relaxing. Big compliment!
  3. No DMD, it's technically an EM. Just a title screen on your LCD DMD screen.
  4. Thanks @BrandonLaw. Version 1.4B fixes the Y position shift you noticed. (No other updates.) Apologies to the 1.4 downloaders but you'll want this update, it's important.
  5. @timblo Options panel>dimensions and slope> change slope (stay less than 6) @makmak Done.
  6. @Thalamuswe thought we had a workaround. I left the computer I use for blender at work. So I'll work on tonight.
  7. @Thorville Let me know how that goes and if it creates unexpected problems. It's a funny thing about releasing tables, is all the different setups and preferences.
  8. @Thorville, Not a pain. Good to know. I'll check with Scottacus. The trigger directly behind the DTs should fire, drop the DTs, let the ball out, and pop up. It works in my testing. "Only then, the kicker behind the drop targets works as intended." Can you provide details? What is the kicker not doing as intended?
  9. Nice. delmar: we didn’t abandon ya Pete. We thought you was a toad. pete: nah, they never did turn me into a toad. delmar: well… that was our mistake then.
  10. A new version will be posted soon to fix some of the things mentioned. And add the music folder idea mentioned by Haunt. (I learn something all the time in this.)
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