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  1. Thank You for this update @bord, your work is very much appreciated.
  2. I have all of your excellent tables from vpinball site days. Thank You for your work and great seeing you post your tables here.
  3. First Off to @bord, I already had this version from vpinball, outstanding table from you as usual, great to see you posting your work here. Thank You for everything that you do. I also think that if there ever was a time for a topic thread to be hijacked by another topic and be accepted, for just a brief moment, hearing again from hauntfreaks fits that bill. Good to see you haunt, you've been missed.
  4. Thank You for the update. Your work on this project is very much appreciated.
  5. Thank You @bord and team for your work, can't wait to give this a go, looks very good.
  6. Hello President, thank you for your work, time and sharing of this project. It appears that the vpin file is not working correctly. Is this made for using with the freezy DLL or is this a 64 color project that freezy dll currently is not set up for. Thanks Again for your work on this.
  7. On version 0.96, when the ball drains straight down the middle(not the outlanes) pass the flippers, the game does not register the ball drain, the table goes into ball search mode but does not find it, requiring a re-start of the table to continue.
  8. Carny, I am in a visual pinball Facebook group with DJRobX, I posted my issue there too and he responded with the answer. DJRob says CSI and Stern IJ have strange timing problems that put SAM into different timing mode and the mode isn't getting reset when I pick a different SAM table because I open tables from the editor instead of a front-end and a front-end fully restarts VPX as you change tables resetting the timing mode. He has a fix for next update. Big Thank You to DJRobX and you Carny for the work you do, it is very much appreciated.
  9. I think I found the cause for my issue but not the why. I get this message on the DMD of the above tables after I open my CSI (Stern 2008)_vpx_1.00 table by Javier. Tables open fine before CSI, but after loading then closing CSI and going back to the tables the DMD will show the name of the game, then show game over, then the "this machine will not operate in this country message", only way to play these then, is to exit vpx, if I don't open CSI table, everything plays as before update. I am on VP 10.4 final Sam 3.1 r4519 with updated Sam.vbs on win7.
  10. I updated to Sam r4519 & Sam.vbs for Batman table which plays fine, but other Stern tables (iron man ve 2.0.6, nfozzy star trek le, Spiderman ve, mustang le, dozer twd le, & Stern spider-man) now give "this machine will not operate in this country, please contact your distributor" message on the dmd. Tables worked fine before and all are the English Roms.
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