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  1. If I were down to 1 I'd probably pic the VP cab too (IM may have changed that, so addictive and my first n.i.b.). That's how it started, VP cab. Then I got 1 real. Then I convinced the wife to let me sell the shuffleboard and claim that space. Now, I've about painted myself into a corner, running out of gear to sell and can't see selling the pins I have! Perfect time to get more into VPX, right? Wait for some cash to fall out of the sky...
  2. DESW, TSPP, Star Trek Pro and Iron Maiden Premium. I'm a lucky boy! IM is the 20th pin to pass through here, building the other recent pin cabs helped buy that one. Strict and delicate arrangement with my wife on space (limited) and financing (selling guitars and pins, no family money). Probably best for me or my house would have no furnishings and pins on every inch of every wall of every room.
  3. You too! My VP obsession died as I got into real ones, mostly because my pin cab couldn't handle VPX. BUT, I recently built cabs for friends that run vpx and that has convinced me to upgrade my own setup. Will install soon, then I may move out of my occasional lurker status!
  4. How's it going? Late to the party but super excited to get this in my machine! I already have a pin2dmd in it just set to blue. Blue looks great but can't wait to get the color in there! Watching closely, tip on the way, thanks!!!
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