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  1. Maybe you can ask a series of questions before you let people activate them and based on the responses you can charge the correct amount and track who seems to be selling them and send them some messages. I do have a question though. If I built and installed one in my pinball machine, then like a year later sold that pinball machine with it in it(which I’ve done maybe 2 times), should I pay the higher price. Should I pay the extra 10 when I sell that machine? Just let me know and I’ll send you another 20.
  2. Id like to help as well. I have an IJ and pin2dmd and I have some experience with the editor. I could do coloring and key framing. Let me know. -Tom
  3. Why does it need a serial number? Reason I’m asking is because I’ve made a bunch of changes to the colorization and I’d rather not re-run the macro as it would mess what I’ve done up I think. When I ran the macro it was for a different serial number but why the heck would that matter?
  4. Ok got it all working. Not really sure how but it works fine now. Another member sent me a file and it works.
  5. Thank you!! I will try this soon. So all I have to do is connect(jumper) TX to RX on the shield and run the serial test? Nothing else? Also here are pics of my shield. If you have any recommended tests to make sure proper connections are designed into the PCB let me know I will test it.
  6. No WiFi module installed. Rom patched with serial number.
  7. It’s always the same scenes that are either colored correctly or not. The ones that aren’t colored correctly seem to inherit the palette that’s already loaded. Something even more strange is that we just recently tried loading the met 1.8 code and colored scenes and it doesn’t seem to work at all. 1.7 works but some scenes are not.
  8. I am wondering if anyone out there has a Nucleo pin2dmd build that they are using in a stern pinball machine(preferably SAM) using a serial connection for switching palettes/pinball browser colorization. The reason I’m asking is because I have set up 2 stern Metallica pinball machines with pin2dmds. The first one was the older stm build and it worked perfectly. This latest one is a Nucleo and it is having strange behavior. Certain screens are switching pallets correctly and certain screens don’t. I have recreated all the files, tried different SD cards and swapped the max232 out and it acts the same. I think the problem is narrowed down to one of two things: the unclesash shield has an error or the Nucleo firmware is not communicating correctly. It’s strange because many screens work fine and I can even recolor them in pinball browser and it works. But a few screens, I’d say 30 percent of them, are colored incorrectly. If I disconnect the serial cable the screens no longer color correctly at all so it’s definitely communicating somewhat. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I’ve got one of the v4 pin2dmds all assembled and working in my Metallica Pinball. I can’t seem to connect the Pin2dmd to the computer for communication with Pin2dmd.exe. When I plug the device into the computer I just get a malfunction error and there is no usb driver. I tried the zidag utility but since there’s no device I don’t know what to do. I’ve done all this many times with v3 boards but it seems different with the v4 nucleo. Any help would be appreciated. -Tom
  10. I just updated the Pin2dmd firmware to 2.58 and loaded this latest file to my sd card and it looks great but I have an issue where the device resets at the explosion animation. When you get the skill shot you get an explosion animation and it will consistently reset at that animation.
  11. I read your whole post this time! I see you got them assembled from pcb way. Did they assemble everything on the big pcb and then you just added the led panels and cables and then connect the power wires? If everything works well, could you possibly set up a duplicate order for other people just to buy direct from them fully assembled?
  12. I think your missing the question. If I key an animation with the first frame being 250ms long. The Pin2dmd will be receiving that same frame signal for 250ms but also play the first frame for 250ms. If the device continually Keyes up that animation over and over for the 250ms it receives that signal, it will effectively play that frame for 500ms. In this instance we should always shorten the first frame of any animation to a small time, then it will play the correct amount of time plus only that small amount(not double). This is probably not that noticeable in most situations but it becomes definitely noticeable when the first frame of an animation is over 200ms.
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