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  1. Andypc


  2. Last time I tried this it was far from complete, with lots of animations that are yet to be coloured. What's done is really good, but if you get further into the game you will see the animations that are not yet done.
  3. Main one I have noticed is with the replay score in game.
  4. Try turning the pin2dmd brightness down and see if the reduces the sub woofer humming noise
  5. I upgraded from firmware 3.05 to 3.12 and unfortunately it has caused new issues with Theatre of Magic. These issues did not happen with 3.05? Spirt Card now glitches when returning to the score https://youtu.be/wre6pZ8ZILo Levitating Woman now has frames that are missing colour. https://youtu.be/PJ3RjM2SmtA Wish I had stayed with Firmware version 3.05 is there an easy way to downgrade? What might NetzZWerg need to do to fixed these new issues? Thanks
  6. Just sent you a PM with a link to my recording. Hope it helps.
  7. As the title says is there a guide / instructions on how to do Real Pin Dump Files / Recordings from real Pin using Pin2DMD? I want to get some stuff to help NetzZWerg with Theatre of Magic
  8. Have you made any progress with the issue colouring the scores in multiplayer? Can't wait to try this is my Whitewater ?
  9. Hi NetzZWerg Just wondering if there is any update on this and IJ 1.1?
  10. Can't wait for this, as I have the Pin2DMD in my Whitewater ready and waiting ?
  11. Happy to test on my real pinball machine if that helps.
  12. There is definitely a problem with the Multiball Animation. It stutters far more than my original DMD and sometimes as it stutters it displays a frame without colour. All the other animations seem fine.
  13. Can't wait to try this. I can test on both my Vpin and the real one, if that helps.
  14. Just wondered if there has been any progress with this. I have a Pin2DMD waiting to go in my real WCS :-). It be best to lose the green background behind the score as this seems to be causing most the issues in transitions.
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