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  1. I guess I did my version of video mode a lot differently. I "swiss cheesed" all the dynamic bits it , and ignored the lines on the road. I had it masked so that a road sign or a billboard or a lack of both triggered and filled in most of the hole on the left and right. the last bit was triggered by if there was a CPU car or a player car. where the grass met the road. Everything was colored in layers and now that Im trying to explain it, its pretty impossible without a ton of pictures.
  2. I'm having trouble copy/pasting to and from the editor to photoshop.
  3. and for Xmen Pro/LE , it'll be the same files. the differences in the game are on the playfield/toys, but all the animations are the same between the 2. ROM wont matter because it'll be the pin2dmd pal/vni
  4. I finished Checkpoint like 3 years ago: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10CjjAcqHkeEuJ7iSOv-fVCJzrrNpndLc
  5. its all sorted, I just deleted all the pin2dmd exe files and stuff form my main PC and downloaded new ones, everything's working just peachy now.
  6. I have quite a few pin2dmds with dead pixels, stuck pixels, and gaps between screens. Is there a source for some higher quality components, other than aliexpress?
  7. Anyone make one or two of these to sell me yet? My XMEN is begging for one.
  8. I'm not *that* retarded. Hit convert, save, exit editor, reopen, load project, get same "zomg this is a 16 color file!?!?!" lathe rinse, repeat. I just loaded up the editor on a different computer and it seems to have taken, so when I get home I'll just wipe out all the pin2dmd program files and go from there wheeeeeeeee
  9. So, getting mad errors on the beta. Lost on why I cant select more than 16 colors (its in 64 color mode)
  10. Pinball browser isnt capable of really coloring any game, I paid the money for it, to support the dev; but the changes I wanted to use it for where already done by fatpanda at pinside. If I step up to the 64 color mode, I wont have to redo what @cb3has done ; well some of it maybe but most of it will be fine.
  11. I actually still do plan to update this, but I will be following any guideline CB3 has for release (ie vpin free, real pin donate?) with all $$$$ going to him. If anyone donates to me for xmen I'll just send it to him. My dilemma is do it with the 16 color limit or go hand bananas with 64 colors and break vpins for now?
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