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  1. hi malenko , id like to download the colorization for pin2dmd batman forever for a real machine, how to procced?

  2. malenko


  3. Hey Malenko thanks for all your hard work and dedication to pinball. Youve made pinball that more exciting with everything youve done.

    Question would you happen to have the final version of the TMNT colored DMD for vpx, if so would you be able to pass it along i would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello Malenko,

    I think, the vpin file is only for virtual pinball... How can I get the file vor real pinball ?

    If a donnation is required, whith plaisur, but in this case where can I make this ?

    Thank a lot,


    (And happy birthday to you ! :) )



    Thank a lot for your job, but It's don't work on my Pin2Dmd on my real pinball machine ?

    I have copied all 3 files  (pin2dmd.vni, pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.txt) ,on my micro sd card for Pin2dmd, but nothing change, alway 4 colors (red white, blue and black) displaying.

    Have I missed anythings ?

    Thank very mutch to you again.


  5. You have to message CB3 for the real files. @cb3 I tried to patch the Stern rom with your diff file and update my game but it failed the update. Anything fancy I have to do other than apply the dif file? EDIT! This is a known issue with pinball browser edited files.
  6. I uploaded the wrong files, try now please
  7. Its weird that Im not having that issue. I have the same game rom too . I'll poke around more, for now stick with endprodukt's fork
  8. Anyone wanna beta test my new files? They are back from May: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Logz-tz-1Y_7M5S1M37oGH1x-_kerrbb
  9. to note, the beta files are live on the google drive. give them a whirl.
  10. Heres whats done so far... 1.75 Added/Colored "LW3 Unofficial" screen (CHADCODE) Added/Colored "visit pinball code.com" scene (CHADCODE) Added Extra frames to the end of the first segment of the chase scene (CHADCODE) Added Extra frames to cop slide section of Car Crash Scene (CHADCODE) Recut/Colored/Triggered Driver's eye scene from Car crash to match new timing (CHADCODE) -Done in a way that wont break compatibility with old code Recut/Colored/Triggered Toilet Bomb scene to match new timing (CHADCODE) -Done in a way that wont b
  11. Yeah 99.99% is pretty far from 100% :eyeroll: All that stuff is done if you used the google drive files. I'll update the ones hosted here as well, but they'll be updated again soon ; WOB is going to do a Chad Code capture for me https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9cWp45XToh2d2ZGUWk5NGE4eDQ
  12. Source files are there, if you wanna try to update it!
  13. I havent touched it in ages, burnt out. Prolly wont for a very long time
  14. Send donations to Slippi not me. Thanks for updating this. Once you have all the bugs sorted, LMK and I'll update the release hosted here with your files.
  15. I get that everything needs triggered and hashed, my issue is I don't know what all has been already triggered and hashed. I also understand its probably easiest to do all the player cars, and then all the signs on the left in order etc, but my issue is, if I haven't done any work in a month I dont want to repeat a bunch of work because I dont know if its been triggered or not. So I'll ask a different way, how can I see all the parts that have been triggered in video mode?
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