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  1. Hi, i need to find a replacement for STM32F427VIT6/STM32F429VIT6 easy to get in europe. Could someone help me? Is possible to use the ST from a STM32F4 Nucleo board on the EVOBOARD pcb?
  2. Problem solved checking "signal enhancer" Also the colorization is fine!
  3. Hi, i've tried colorization files but the scenes aren't coloured as the images seen in this topic. Is all yellow/orange and only some frames contains red and blue. At start the skill shot is choppy and miss the frame when the ship is on the center. Star Wars logo when ball lite the letters is missing at all. I've tried on 3.17 firmware full working pin2dmd
  4. Hi Terranigma, i've donated to cb3 after his reply (containing the ppal donation link). No problem to wait few days more!
  5. Donation done on 16/08/2021 but still no download link from cb3.😢 Please let me know something!
  6. Hi! how i can get this colorization for my real SW? I've sent a message to author but no reply at all....
  7. Hi , i've just ordered on pcbway this useful board but they asked me something about BOM: Could you help me? Best Antonio
  8. could someone share the gerber ready for pcbway? I can't find a free copy of eagle cad...
  9. Also reflowed L1 fixed the usb problem for me. But after successiful flashed firmware, red led is on but no image on display at all Help! Edit: I've noticed that touching the led panel some garbage appear https://youtu.be/rqKKWQ5EgGo
  10. I can't enter in DFU mode. No usb device recognized at all when connected to pc Only one failure board on a batch o five
  11. Hi, i've received a batch of five boards but the last one is not recognized when plugged to pc via usb. The green led power is on Could i check something?
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