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  1. Also reflowed L1 fixed the usb problem for me. But after successiful flashed firmware, red led is on but no image on display at all Help! Edit: I've noticed that touching the led panel some garbage appear https://youtu.be/rqKKWQ5EgGo
  2. I can't enter in DFU mode. No usb device recognized at all when connected to pc Only one failure board on a batch o five
  3. Hi, i've received a batch of five boards but the last one is not recognized when plugged to pc via usb. The green led power is on Could i check something?
  4. Hi, i'm a little in trouble to check this equivalent components proposed by pcb way: original BOM: FC4SDCBMF8.0-T1 -> Proposed: 6CS08000F20UCG (lower load capacitance) original BOM:TS2940CP33 -> Proposed:AZ2940D-3.3TRE1 (many voltage difference) original BOM:SK54BTR -> Proposed: SK54B (maybe identical?) Thanks to everyone!!
  5. Perfect! Just one minute and the UID appears!
  6. I've just installed the latest firmware but no UID is printed on the screen... How i can activate? How long is the evaluation period?
  7. Hi Dom, any news about my order? I'm waiting from few month
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