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  1. @mmoplayer77 - read threads much ? https://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3928-new-vp10-alert-super-mario-bros-gottlieb-1992/?do=findComment&comment=46656
  2. Appreciated @Goldchicco, @32assassin and @mfuegemann
  3. Don't stop there. Multiple speakers will work even better. Not very expensive and pretty easy to do too.
  4. Sure. Willams made the Fish Tales machine. And there is many Fish Tales emulations out there, be specific. Zen is a commercial product - ask where you bought it, same goes for VP Ultra. You won't find any love in this community fixing your pre installed cab.
  5. That's beta for you. Sometime it is broken. 310 is what I used on a regular basis too. Admit, have not tried every release since then; so, my views in this case are just taken from other feedback I've seen.
  6. @WiredRacing - haven't looked at this table specifially, but, often, you will find a visible option that you can toggle for table elements. If there is no references in the script for them, mark and press delete should do it. Afraid of breaking the table ? Why ? Just unzip the original if you make mistakes. I urge people to experiment more. It is not like your computer breaks if you try out something that you don't know already. Only warning I give is don't fuck with anything in scripts folder and don't add vbs scripts from table downloads into your install, unless, you know what you are doing.
  7. Already know what is coming and the table and db2s has the HF quality we've been spoiled getting from one of the very best in the community. Don't see the table upload yet, but, been given a preview I know how it looks and plays. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of these "mods" of real machines. In 90% or more of the cases, they only consist of some changed pf images, sound and maybe some lighting if we're lucky. This one, is done in a very pleasant way. I knew from the filename provided on the beta what table was the base, but, I could not see it right away after loading. Actually, I think the layout is better than the real deal. I love also the fact that it plays fairly rough, meaning, frustrating me of drains that felt deserved; with the extra percentage of "fuck you machine" of unlucky drains. At least, the beta was like this. Thank you @hauntfreaks, and once again, so happy to see you back, kicking ass - literally
  8. Hmm. Maybe this hobby isn't for you. These questions have been asked and answered a few thousand times already.
  9. Read the guide that outhere pointed you to. It is basically doing what is explained in that tutorial - again and again. It is true though. A table has code, that tells it what rom to use. Do what LegoYoda said. Scroll in the script - in almost all cases you find a line .... cgamename=xxxxx - xxxx being the rom file you need and that is the same as explaind in the link that outhere mentioned. afm_113b.zip Once you're able to do this once, it soon becomes second nature.
  10. Make sure that the files downloaded are called pin2dmd.* - in some cases they are named differently. Subfolder inside altcolor NEEDS to match the rom you are using. AND, if you are running virtual pinball, NOT using Pin2DMD hardware. Stay on the 16 color releases. 64 color is not yet supported for Freezy which we that don't have Pin2DMD are using.
  11. @BrandonLaw Yes. I see that. Just downloaded this new one and it is not the same as the fusion alternative I've seen before. I was sent a "fusion" version that I played a few rounds and I wasn't able to provoke this issue on that one. So, either I was very lucky, or Goldchicco did change something since then. Ball disappeared for me too. Took a quick look at added a quick fix. I'm sure @Goldchicco will have a second look at it and improve or fix it differently. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hxh0vxo83wv6dvf/Quicksilver (Stern 1980) 2.0.vpx?dl=0
  12. By adios - you mean the ball left between the flippers or just ... vanished ? I haven't played this updated version yet. Just sent Goldchicco the mod that I had and told him to take whatever he wanted from it. Been fiddling with another table on my end, with plans to play this soon myself.
  13. Yepp, prefer if it stays down
  14. Not yet. V2 is still working pretty well, except for the self inflicted, broken magna save. To be honest, I hesitant to change it out. I fear that v3 will pick up the bass sounds as it is attached to the plunger. For v2 I've placed the nudge/controller housing on a gel and it works great. One day, when it really breaks, I guess I won't have a choice
  15. Well. Then you're on your own. Why don't you re-map the flipper shift keys to something completely different while your on it ? I can't recall vp having re-mapping options. VPM does, but, I really urge people to stay with defaults.
  16. I haven't seen that exact error before. It is coming from your graphics driver.
  17. Thank you agentEighty6, Goldchicco, EB is LIT, BuffaloPinBro 👍
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