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  1. They are there. I believe your issue is that the layers is too high on the right side and maybe then only see the properties pane. Properties belongs to the menu your are looking for. Since you don't provide any visual help for me, I'm guessing blind here. Try dragging layers down, if what I describe makes sense. There is no tour, and there won't be any until someone create one.
  2. Thank you both ! 👍 Need to figure out if you can turn off all those random awards in the game itself. Very fun machine that would become much better without it.
  3. @Ruinous You are the only one that can actually answer that question. Open table, look for line cgamename=xxxx - make a note, that is the rom. Go to Vpinmame. Start setup.exe - press test button. Scroll down to you find the rom. Press test, do you have all files and they are all OK ? If not, then get every rom that is in the series from here. Use upper right corner. Search tftc_303.zip, tftc_300.zip etc - and maybe give a Thank you to Carney while your on it.
  4. Thank you Loserman76 ! Unusual, but, appreciated - updating the script as well. 👍
  5. Had time ... looking at the changes it is only those reset drop that I find to have change. I wonder, maybe I'm not the culprit here, but you are outhere ❤️ Have you maybe added those lines yourself locally and forgotten about it ? This is why I keep my scripts under version control. MIND you, not blaming anyone here Seems like a nice improvement. I'll ship the last change to Goldchicco. Probably a good idea if you are given a copy before release to verify. I did a very hasty edit, but, I believe it should be ok now.
  6. Hmm. Interesting for a nerd like me maybe. This could partly be my mistake ?? I know from some of the subs that Goldchicco copied some of the lines I had in github, now sure which. Why I say this is that in 1.2 I don't find those lines. It is perfectly possible that this was done a late night in Bangkok or by a swimming pool not being sober at all. I could try to merge these two and see where we get tomorrow. Busy tonight.
  7. Haha @outhere - that's a good one, but, I agree.
  8. Hmm. I did a very quick comparison of the two and I could not see why this is @outhere - I've sent @Goldchicco some recommended SSF code changes, but, no change to DOF that I could see. Maybe you could try to apply this to the table https://pastebin.com/raw/2tBWaFmu
  9. Hmm. There used to be a guy who does the print job popping his head in here, kind of refreshing his thread. Bowman or something like that, US guy. I ordered from him even if I live in Norway. If I where to build me a new cab, I would contact him again. I'm sure someone remember his name and can correct me. I had Stuzza over at VPF create my design. It was a dialogue going back and forth until I was happy with the result. There is many great artists in this community, so, you don't need to settle on him. He just knows 100% what you need since he has created more than a few. He gives you a pdf, color correct for print. So, it is basically shipping it for print to that guy I mention and then wait. Just telling you what I did. Update : Just checked my gmail and his name is Bradley Bowman - I've got his email - but, I have no idea if he is still in business. Don't want to put his email out in the open so PM me if you want it.
  10. If the load times goes up on 10.7, it has almost always been proved that it is related to something else you've got running. Teamviewer installed pr. example, other programs snooping the screen in one way or the other. There are a few discussion about it in the official beta thread, but, well - its a long read now Actually, it is expected that 10.7 loads faster. @LunatechFringe - explained what I believe is your "flawed resolve" above here : https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&p=483104
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