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  1. There is some logic problem and timing issues going on there. You have to remember that the script runs very fast. You are saying that once the ball hits the kicker, then it should kick, but, then again, you are creating a ball in it's place so there is no room for it to fall into. Is it really meant to be a kicker or are you just trying to get two balls to play with as the one hits the other ?
  2. Are you talking about the Borglib version ?
  3. I agree, table is great in every way. The original music is a big plus too. Only played 3 rounds as far, but, every tune felt to suit the machine and not repetitive in that sense that the tracks where all quite different. Of course, the game play is great too. Have to re-read the rules I guess, still though, remembered some of it and able get me into the high score list from the previous version. Big thanks again !
  4. Yes. That bob seems ok to me, place it somewhere in the first 1/3 of the cab length wall from the flippers. Also, look in scripts folder. Make the script that is named NudgePlugIn_mjrAccelAndTilt.vbs - by copying or renaming to become NudgePlugIn.vbs Only then will the tilt bob work with more than one warning. Getting the nudging just right without the tilt bob is really hard. Especially if you have a digital unit only, trying to adjust the nudge sensitivity at the same time as you adjust the tilt by the same unit. if you let only the digital unit register the shake, and let the ph
  5. Sounds like a browser cache issue. Try and clear that and see if it doesn't help.
  6. Seems you should update your profile Very nice to see you around again - looking forward to play this one tomorrow. Tonight, too many beers and wife is in bed. Damn it.
  7. You should not be afraid of any competition. Only getting to know more people is the worst that can come out of it and that is not a negative thing. I must admit though. I don't want to compete in those. I'm a really bad looser and I always believe that someone is cheating if theay beat me
  8. No, not really. Good players might feel it, but, well since you where using arcade, then I don't think you really "notice" the difference. Except of course, that double switches can be used for what I told you. There is also one thing though. Most of the tables where this is possible to do, needs code update in order to work I think there is only a handful of tables where this has been implemented on and that is for the simple reason that almost everyone is actually using single ones. Now, get that proper tilt bob, you said you had one and was a little bit wage on it. Doesn't cost
  9. Sweet machine, except for those small little things that I would have added. Nice job.
  10. For a pinball player. There is a distinct feel to real leaf flipper buttons vs arcade. I would go mad playing your cab, but, I think it looks very nice though. Needs a real tilt bob. Haven't seen that yet. If I where to build my machine again, I would go for double leaf switches. Or I should say. I will most probably at one point change the one I've got. Double leaf makes it possible to hold a traped ball while flipping the upper one if the button isn't pressed fully.
  11. Mistake by day 4. Arcade buttons ? No no no no no no. If those are flippers - picture doesn't really tell me if they are at that point in the build.
  12. Looks absolutely amazing. I see why some are going with VR. This is surely a teaser for me. Thanks for sharing
  13. Anything kickers imo now needs a so called playfield mesh in order to be fun to play. VP has still some "bad defaults", kickers is one of them and drop targets using legacy mode is another. From the video, I don't see really what is going on though.
  14. @Dazz For me, VPU has always felt like a good place to be. It was of course impossible to have 2 homes and VPinball took too much of my spare time to do anything else than visit it regularly. As I've said a few times. I like the changes you've done around here. Thank you once again !
  15. Sometimes it sucks to be me. Being tempted to try another beer pr. example. This is how it is to be me : I live, far away - up in the god damn Arctic. I live in a very expensive country. If the local store don't have it - you can always check the "monopoly". In Norway it is like, if you can't get it, maybe the state's monopoly on alcohol stores, named "Vinmonopolet", can order it for you. Price will go up of course, but, even they, doing a search gives no response to your beer suggestion. Maybe when the pandemic is over. I'll do a Euro trip, making sure I'll go through Belgium and The Czech Re
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