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  1. on test mode virtual dmd works. loading table does not work any help would be great
  2. in test mode virtual dmd works when loading table it does not when i hit tab ctrl alt it shows a white box virtual dmd no dmd standard pin mame works fine though any help would be great
  3. thanks takes alot of time im sure its a challenge
  4. thanks i used to own the game familiar with settings appreciate help
  5. yeah i know trying to see if it can be fixed
  6. at the end of a game the match goes into a long slow motion where it takes forever are there any fixes for the rom used in table in vpx
  7. on new update having issues still with 3 ball when i shoot both balls in organ 3rd ball doesnt go to plunger to shoot then 2 balls come out of organ when 3rd ball doesnt shoot with plunger cause it is still in the troft
  8. thanks missed the capitol letters appreciate yor help outhere you are great
  9. other stern and color roms are working cant fugure it out
  10. im getting yellow letters on opening not different color words using 2 screen setup updated visual pinball and pinmame freezy any suggestions and checked box in settings using freezys 1.7.1 anything i might not be doing right
    awesome thanks requested awhile back you do incredible work
  11. Its awesome looking great update ringmaster goes in hole and the playsurface had a hole then head pops up and lays on its side tried redownloadong get the same issues ring master acts like he had one too many just joking awesome table and detail
  12. ringmasters head is not working right in new version its laying sideways on playfield
  13. thalamus once again thanks tried volume i re downloaded rom now it works and neofr45 awesome work
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