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  1. mageek


  2. Do you still need dumps? I can create some for you as I have the too faint gradient issue as well.
  3. Is the blue data light flashing? Make sure the data cable is properly oriented
  4. Oooooo very nice , can’t wait! I can put my gold roms back in
  5. Was ST Pro ever completed for real pin, I thought I remember it being done but can't locate it or anyone to donate to ?
  6. Good idea, thanks Lucky that proves it's bad.
  7. Was looking to see if there is a way to test the card reader. One of Pin2Dmds won't use the pallets loaded onto the SD. Thanks! Kevin
  8. TZ is my only pin that has not been colorized yet, really looking forward to this one, I have in my collection STTNG, FIsh Tales, Adams Family, Attack from Mars, and now Theatre of Magic colorized. All made to look fantastic due to the endless hours of hard work by you talented artists, greatly appreciated oh and The Getaway that I’m restoring for a friend
  9. Got my files for real Pin this is some really really great work! Martin and Wob you guys Rock!
  10. Looks awesome on my real pin , great work as usual Martin, Thanks!
  11. @NetzZWerg, tried to message but says you can’t accept messages ? I’m looking for Fish Tales for real pin, do you have it available? If yes please PM me with donation amount thanks! Kevin
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