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  1. But based on that mask, how would you - in the case of only one car showing up - distinguish, whether it is a car in position one (first appearance) or the next one. They both have the same 5-pixel black area above them in the same row but require different coloring.
  2. attached scene ten (middle). meaning the line must extend about 10 to the right and left of the cars to cover for scene 19 and scene 01. first of all: which row will you choose? options are: 1. top row is identical for car1 and car2 - you cant distinguish and cant color reliably. 2. second from the top is also identical for car1 and car2 (can'T distinguish) and also affected by car3. --> frames needed for all combinations of car1, car2, and car3 for all 19 lambo/road-positions. third from the top.... even more cars involved (1,2,3,5,9) plus in those ten pixels on the left and the right all of this gets disturbed by the signposts and billboard in position 1 popping up. so for all of the above add each of these to every frame in all combinations left and right. I'd be glad to see such a simple approach work, but I'm not convinced yet.
  3. That quite correspons to the masks I use to trigger the LCM scenes. Now you can summarize this into one LCM scene and you will get a fully functional LCM scene for all lambos. Do it as an LCM or as separate CM scenes. Doesn't matter. Works. It stops working when you look at the cars. Say top row, for example. Each car can shift by 19 pixels depending on the position of the road. However the car is only 7 pixels wide. MAke a mask wide enough to cover the car in any of its first positions, it is also wide enogh to catch other cars in that first position. Now you have two possibilities: 1. you need to create one colored frame for each of the possible combinations of colored objects within that mask. Lots of frames. Less masks, but lots more frames due to the exposnential number of combinations with increasing size of mask. Definitiely less load on the SD card, but I'm not going against expoential number of combinations requiring its own frame. 2. split the masks up to keep them small and then you need a lot of them. definitely more than the 24 possible in one LCM scene I will use your appraoch to do with it what i CAN do. Colored lambo and maybe a bit of background.
  4. I understand your point. I can see whether there is a chance to do this. Right now I am very skaptical of it, because: - by merging 6 scenes, each mask for CPU cars and signs would need to be cut by 6 pixels on the side to remain independent of dynamic content around. that will not leave much left of them. if i dnt do this, i would need to create a frame for all possible combinations of content appearing in that mask. this is possible, but will very quickly make me hit the limit of frames in an LCM scene, which i understand is 124!? - worse: the lambo shifts 5 pixels for every one pixel shift of the background with the CPU cars and signs. the lambo mask would lose 6x5=20 pixels in width. not sure if it is even that wide. - each "hole" i now have in a specific mask inside LCM scenes is there, because it must be avoided, because in ONE of the objects it is to detect there is a hole, which can be filled or not filled by dynamic ontent. using one mask for scene 19-14 (in case of merging them) mens that each of these single-pixel-holes must be turned in to a 6-pixel wide horizontal stripe for background related masks (CPU-cars and signs) or 20-pixel wide slits for a mask affecting the lambo. LCM mask 3 (detecting the last stages of the explosion) is a good example of one that will not work anymore. --> MAYBE it is possible to merge 2 into one scene. maybe. However, it seems to me that this would not be enough relief for the SD-card interface to get rid of the lag. Also I wont be able to accomplish this within this year, due to the complexity of figuring out the masks and the fact that I have a child to welcome in december. I will have this tested on a vpin, which I hope has more performance. IF that runs it will be vpin exclusive. The real pin will then get a release with the upgraded 64 colors, but no VM until more potent hardware is available. For me the challenge was in solving the puzzle. I'm really happy I did that - and I know the VM by heart now, haha.
  5. no - I pasted it and immediately pressed set hash. the pasted mask turns red on that particular screen (normal behaviour), but when i navigate away from the frame and back into it, i see that the mask was not saved and the entire screen has the red overlay, like the mask consists of the whole screen. strange thing is, it wasnt like this on mask 0. anyway, ill try as you propose. I hope i could clarify - if not, would a video help? EDIT: works if you check / uncheck. can work witht his thank you! Also: I have placed the current export on my real pin. even without now tripling the LCMs scenes to account for the individual orientation of the lambo and avoiding overlaps with the CPU-cars, it is functional. I have a MAJOR problem tho: It is lagging like hell and unplayable. It's an unplayable beauty. Looking at how I built it, would you say this is too demanding for the hardware? I will send vpin exports out to some vpin people see if it runs well on vpin, but surely on my pin2dmd EVO v1.3 its not playable.
  6. Only worked on mask 0. reproduce: 1. copy my LCM scene into new scene. 2. make changes in the new scene. 3. go to replace scene with mask in it, copy mask CTRL-C 4. go to new scene and check D-mask, selcet mask 0 5. press CTRL-SHIFT-V, mask gets pasted into mask 0 6. set hash on a frame. works. 7. repeat 3-6 with another mask and apply to mask 1 in the same scene. 8. mask gets pasted, but when i set a hash on the frame with the pasted mask active it commits the full frame mask, not the ne that i copied. pin2dmd-editor2872290228595850392.zip
  7. Intention or not - it is an awesome tool. Bob Ross would call that a "happy accident". 😛 Literally, I made all my masks for the VM that way, and especially for the complicated un-intuitive ones, which resemble the unambiguous commonalities of lots of different lambos, doing it like this is the only way. If you look at i.e. mask 1 in my LCM scenes - no way that one can be consistently manually drawn in all its different positions to avoid all the wrong pixels and include all the right ones. This conversion is such a cool tool, which I miss dearly. I was going to split the VM scenes and have two more pr position, in order to avoid the CPU cars and lambo overlapping. Can't do this without the copy/paste functionality. Unless you add it back, I'll have to use editor from 20210928 in order to get this done and risk screwing up scenes on save.
  8. Nope, that exactly how I am doing it. BEfore and after a restart, with the very lastest editor and also the version from Oct 11th. Both show the same behaviour. The source frame has a color 2 in it (i.e. any frame in scene "vm_s19_Masks"), so it corresponds to the mask "color" in the D-mask of an LCM scene. I hit CTRL-C and then go to an LCM scene (i.e. "vm_s19_LCM"), check D-mask, go to a mask that is unlocked (i.e. mask 20 / full frame blue) and hit CTRL-V. This makes the entire blue color disappear, nothing left. Previously the shape from the souce frame would show as a mask and I could start using that mask.
  9. Thank you. I'm working with it now and want to ask if you have changed something on the functionality of creating LCM masks. Before, I was able simply copy/pasting it into the LCM scene from a separate replacement scene (using color 2 of group one) and then, when defining a D-mask. This funtionality seems gone. However, it is absolutely essential to me, as my masks are very complex and not intuitive. There is no way I can draw them manually consistently. I remember I reported a bug, where you could paste masks into LOCKED LCM D-masks, but now its not even possible in an unlocked D-mask.
  10. thank you - seems to work. i'll keep a close eye on any issues and will let you know.
  11. Cant paste in "smart mode" inside replace scene with this version. Resproduce: open a replace scene with more than one frame go to frame M press CTRL C go to frame N, PASTE (in smart mode) and observe color change change frame to another frame go back to frame N pasted color is not committed.
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