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  1. ah ha thats what it is, thanks so much, i have my test table in a different location works now, ill have 2 do another video.
  2. wOW What a gorgeous table, plays lovely thanks to all involved 🙂
  3. @Goldchicco Thank you for this, very nice table.
  4. Lovely table plays really nice, thanks for this @rosve
  5. i was hoping for a section like this, read my mind 🙂 Thanks.
  6. Thank you Bord as usual never fails to impress, many thanks m8.
  7. Thanks for the update Dazz, take as much time as you need better to spend a few extra days making sure its all good, i know what its like yo have to reorganize i had a 2TB drive fail that had a collection of stuff from other drives and took me ages to sort it, so i feel your frustration. Hang on in there bro it will all come good.
  8. nice table but wow i get a few errors when playing at one time i managed to release 5 balls from the shooter lane and i was racking up a million plus points a second 🙂 ive attached a video error.mkv
  9. Is this the same version that was on VPF about a month ago or this an update?
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