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  1. Alright, with some direction from arngrim I was able to figure this out. In the DOF config tool, I setup the port I wanted for the PinballX launch ball button to Custom Output 1. I open the PinballX table config, copied the values from the Launch Ball Field to the Custom Ouput 1 field and removed them from the Launch Ball field. Saved, Generated the new config, dropped it in. Works! For my LED Wiz ports I have 30 - Red, 31 - Green, and 32 - Blue. 30 (red) is mapped to Launch Ball 31 (green) is mapped to Custom Output 1 32 (blue) is mapped to Fire If interested, I have
  2. I inserted an RGB LED into my launch ball button so now i can have 3 colors for 3 different modes PinballX and VP10. The issue I have is this: I want green to be PInballX start button, Red for VP10 Launch Ball, and Blue for VP10 Fire button but the start button in PinballX is to launch a table and the start button in VP10 is to start a game. Could the PinballX Start be moved over to the Launch Ball button for DOF? In the few vpin cabs I have seen, these are the same keyboard inputs and physical buttons. Thanks in advance for any info.
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